15 Helpful Apps and Sites

15 Helpful Apps and Sites

These handy websites and mobile phone apps can help save you time and money.
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As the school year kicks in, you can free up a little time to explore some new things. And what better way than with the thousands of websites and apps now available for your computer or mobile device? We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to help you out around the house—and provide some fun when the housework is done!

1. No more club cards.

Tired of pesky pieces of plastic dangling from your key chain? Thanks to Key Ring™, you can put all those little cards onto your iPhone or Android mobile device. Then, when you get to the check-out counter, just whip out your phone and scan the card you need.

2. Stain solutions.

Don’t panic next time you spill something on your blouse. Click on The Shout® Stain Solver website instead! Scroll through the most common stains to find out exactly how to treat them. And if you can’t find your stain solution, call 1-800-991-SHOUT to speak to a helpful Shout Stain Professional.

3. Home budget help.

Mint helps you organize your finances by conveniently managing your income, transactions and investments—all for free. By setting savings goals and building your budget, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your entire financial picture.

4. Thrilling grilling.

The free Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes iPhone app assures that up to eight steaks are each grilled to perfection. Choose your cut of meat, its thickness and how you like it cooked and the timer app takes over, even telling you when to turn the steak over.

5. Fresh-food facts.

Ever wonder how long food can stay in the fridge or freezer? Bookmark Ziploc.com and refer to its shelf-life chart for everything from meat and fish to prepared dishes.

6. Smarter fish shopping.

Help preserve fish populations for future generations with Seafood Watch®. The site helps you select seafood that doesn’t come from over-fished sources. Make ocean-friendly choices at your favorite fish store or seafood restaurant, with “best choice," “good alternative" and “avoid" rankings.

7. Green thumb ideas.

The Essential Garden Guide is a useful website for the backyard gardener. Full of valuable information on preparing, planting, spacing and controlling pests when growing fruits and vegetables, along with tips and tricks from gardening experts. Still time to get that autumn garden growing!

8. Luxe for less.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect sofa or an interesting vase, check out the daily sales at One King’s Lane™ for affordable choices selected by their in-house editorial design team.

9. Your pocket designer.

With the Mark on Call iPhone app, you can plan, preview and carry out your design ideas while staying organized and within budget. Take photos of your actual fabric, flooring or finishes and insert them into your floor plans, measure the distance between objects in your room, even make a shopping list.

10. The great big yard sale.

Whether you’re looking for something particular or just perusing flea markets and yard sales on the weekend, the Tag Sell It website will show you what’s for sale across the country.

11. What kind of bug was that?

Everything you need to know about pests without becoming a specialist. The Bug University helps you identify bugs and the damage they can cause and, most importantly, tells you how to get rid of them.

12. Add a pet.

The popular website Petfinder is an excellent resource when you’re considering adding a four-legged companion to your family. With pets available across the country, plus advice on introducing a pet to your home, you’ll have a new furry friend in no time. And you can learn more about caring for both new and old companions at Pets 101 .

13. Catalog control.

Reduce the number of catalogs and the amount of junk mail you receive with Catalog Choice, which helps you opt out of marketing mailing lists for free, and save a forest worth of paper while you’re at it.

14. Coupon collection.

Go online or download the mobile app from Shooger to get access to over 100,000 local and online coupons from over 50,000 merchants. Find even more unique discounts and special deals with Groupon™ and Living Social.

15. Math help at home.

If you’re a bit rusty on the math homework your child needs help with, Cool Math® can back you up. Not only are the interactive games educational, but they’re fun enough so that you and your kids can play together.

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8/20/2011 , 
sylvia  c.
I already use key ring love the fact that while I wait in line I pull up the app, pull up the store and they scan first before ring up. AWESOME and EASY I am excited to try the other.
8/18/2011 , 
gina  s.
Looks like the bug university link works now. I tried it!
8/5/2011 , 
Cheryl  M.
Thanks! Lots of useful apps. Can't wait to try Key Ring and Tag Sell It.
8/4/2011 , 
M  M.
VERY useful! I will use 5 - 6 of these regularly. Especially love the suggestion on the Key Ring ap
8/4/2011 , 
Jenna  B.
Same as Chris... I couldn't get the bug university link to work. Please fix. Thanks!
Showing 1 - 5 of 9 comments:
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