8 Ways to Conquer Bathroom Odors

8 Ways to Conquer Bathroom Odors

Don't let a stinky bathroom get the best of you.
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In the small, damp confines of a bathroom, odors can quickly become overwhelming. But with just a few easy preventive measures, you can keep yours smelling fresh.

1. Let the air flow.

 Turn on the overhead fan, open a window, and leave the bathroom door open to make sure fresh air circulates, especially after a steamy shower. This will help freshen stale air and rid the room of humidity that could cause mildew to grow.

2. Treat towels well.

 Give them room to air out, so they don't get that stale, musty smell. Don't hang multiple damp towels together, and avoid hanging them from hooks on the backs of doors.

Try installing racks that are wide enough to spread towels out, so they can dry faster and more thoroughly.

3. Add a scent.

 Use air fresheners or odor neutralizers to eliminate bad odors and keep the air smelling pleasant. Glade® Sense & Spray® Automatic Freshener is perfect for small spaces like the bathroom, because of its motion sensor technology. Place it near the entrance and it will automatically release a concentrated burst of fragrance when someone enters the room. And if one isn't enough, you can hit the boost button anytime for an extra burst of freshness. Try Tough Odor Solutions Clear Springs® to add a clean, refreshing scent, while simultaneously eliminating the bad ones.
Glade® Sense & Spray® Automatic Freshener

4. Check for leaks.

 Water dripping on cabinets and floors can cause odors. Do a quick check under the sink and behind the toilet to make sure you don't have leaky pipes that need repair.

5. Keep it clean.

 Lurking bathroom odors might be an indication that you need to increase the frequency of your cleanings, or at least to do a little extra maintenance in between cleaning days (especially when you have houseguests).

Your primary focus should probably be cleaning the toilet. Make this unpleasant task practically effortless with Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel—just stamp a disc to the inside of your toilet to clean and freshen with every flush.

Also concentrate on airing out the shower, where constant dampness can trigger smelly mold and mildew. Finally, wipe down bottles, tubes and the counters they're on, so sticky residues don't contribute to odor problems.

6. Take out the trash.

 Make it a habit to empty bathroom wastebaskets frequently. Using plastic liners will make this task easier and keep the wastebasket clean.

7. Freshen your fabrics.

 In the moist environment of the bathroom, fabrics can get musty-smelling quickly. Launder towels and washcloths at least once a week. And don't forget to also wash the bathmat and the shower curtain, especially if the curtain is made of fabric.

For towels that already have a lingering musty odor, try running them through a washer cycle first with a half-cup of white vinegar, then another cycle immediately afterwards with your favorite detergent. Use the hottest temperature settings for both the washing machine and the dryer, and make sure the towels are completely dry before you put them away.

8. Close the curtain.

 After you shower, pull the shower curtain (and liner) partially closed. This will let air circulate within the folds, allowing the curtain to dry faster. You'll be less likely to see—and smell—patches of mildew forming.
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3/6/2013 , 
Jenni  C.
Auto air fresheners do a great job in the bathroom. Keep the bathroom door closed.
1/2/2013 , 
Martha  B.
Where can I buy Oust air sanitizer?
12/5/2012 , 
Amy  S.
All ideas are worth doing. I clean homes for my job, and I do all these ideas everytime I clean homes. One more idea that wasn't listed, when you clean bathrooms always wipe down the toilet inside & on the outside, lets face it when the men use the toilet they almost always dribble down the outside of the bowl. Wipe it down and the floor around the stool it gets dirty too!
9/11/2012 , 
Audi  E.
Very good tips. I had a lot of mold in my house and my husband got rid of it using bleach that was a little watered down in the shower and on the tile.
8/2/2012 , 
Crystal  G.
Thank you for those tips as I will forward them to someone who I have been telling these to for quite sometime...I have invested in a towel warmer to dry my towels but overall everything single thing on your list works...my mother taught me well...Thanks MOM
Showing 1 - 5 of 97 comments:
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