Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Spaces

Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Spaces

It's time to confront those dark, out-of-sight places where dirt and grime love to hide and shine a light on them.
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Hit the heights.

 Start high when you are cleaning dark places so you can sweep up later. Take a ceiling survey of each room and check for dust and cobwebs. If your ceilings are low enough, try vacuuming the corners with your cleaner's brush attachment. In rooms with high ceilings, stand on a sturdy ladder and brush the ceiling with the fluffy, dust-grabbing fibers of a Pledge® Multi Surface Duster, or use a long-handled brush made specifically for this purpose.

Up-swipe the cabinets.

 We rarely look at the tops of cabinets and shelves. But these are places where all sorts of dust and debris can come to rest and build up over time. Carefully stand on a stool and wipe your cabinet tops down with Pledge® Multi Surface Wipes. They let you move from wood to metal and back again without changing products, which is handy when you're on a stool.

Mind the molding.

 They look pretty, but decorative frames or moldings are also magnets for dust and allergens. Use your stepstool or ladder carefully to reach and then wipe them down with a duster.

Tackle behind the toilet.

 No one likes to do it, but someone has to! Here's how: wearing plastic gloves and your meanest cleaning clothes, crouch down and look behind your toilet. This area tends to remain damp even when the rest of the bathroom is dry, and it can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew on the pipes, the tiles or the grout. First, use a strong-bristled broom to sweep away dust balls and other dirt. Then, wipe the area down with a damp sponge after spraying with Scrubbing Bubbles® Foaming Bathroom Cleaner. Finally, wipe the surface clean and dry with a paper towel. Be sure to throw it away immediately afterward.

Brighten the air.

 With windows closed tightly, winter bathrooms can really suffer from unpleasant odors. So it's a perfect time to freshen up with a Glade® Sense & Spray® Automatic Freshener in Tough Odor Solutions Clear Springs®. It detects when someone passes by and instantly releases a burst of fragrance into the air. The newly designed unit blends with the décor of any room in your home.

Clean behind the fridge.

 Dust, grime and even pet hair tend to accumulate here, especially on the fridge's condenser coils. Clean the coils about every six months—your refrigerator will use less electricity, operate more efficiently and last longer. Have pets? Consider cleaning the coils more often. Depending on your model, coils are either behind or underneath the fridge. Be sure to follow the instructions in your owner's manual for safe and proper cleaning.

Scout under the couch.

 When was the last time you moved your couch to clean the space beneath? Unless you have some help, don't do it alone. What you can do in the meantime is take the handle of a broom and pull out any items that may have found their way there. You never know—you may find some long-lost treasures! Then vacuum or sweep up any dust.

Tackle the wires.

 Between your computer, your phones and your entertainment center, it's too easy to get all the wires and cables into a confusing jumble. And the tangled mess can be a magnet for dust. First, unplug all cords before cleaning. Then remove any dust from the cables with a Pledge® Dry Cloths. You can also use these cloth to pick up any dust behind and under your devices. When the area is clean, consider organizing your work and play space with one of the cable organizer kits available in most office supply stores.

Clean the cleaning supplies.

 Oddly, the place where we store our cleaning products is often the place we neglect to clean. Sponges drip and sometimes things spill. And boy, was I surprised to discover how dirty my cleaning cabinet can get! Spruce up this space by removing all your cleaning supplies and then wiping down the shelf or cabinet surface with a clean, damp sponge. Follow with a quick wipe of all containers with a seperate damp sponge before returning them neatly to their shelves.

Rope in any "unexpected guests."

 One reason to clean out a closet is the things you might find there! My son forgot a half-eaten candy bar in a jacket that eventually fell to the closet floor. I immediately threw the candy bar into the garbage and set out some Raid® Double Control Small Roach Baits in the back of his closet near the baseboard. For this product to be most effective, you should use all 12 baits; you can also place them in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and utility rooms.
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Diane, SC Johnson home care expert
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9/21/2012 , 
Lisa  G.
There is about a one- to two-inch gap between my stove and counter. There is a pen and a rubber band that fell there, plus who knows how much food. The space goes back about 2 feet. How do I get in there to remove the debris and clean the area? Once that's done, is there any sort of spacer I can buy (or make?!) to prevent miscellaneous spillage in the future? Thanks!
6/30/2010 , 
kenneth  y.
You mention to use "long-handled brush made for the purpose". Do you sell these and will the fluffy duster fit it?
8/4/2009 , 
Do you have any special instruments for cleaning walls and ceilings??
7/25/2009 , 
Leanne  H.
I didn't see anything at all in the article about how to clean hard to reach areas for older or movement-impaired people even though that's the link I clicked on.
5/6/2009 , 
Penny  S.
To Paula B. regarding Scrubbing Bubbles to clean mini-blinds. Do you just spray it on and wipe dry; if so, is each individual slat dried individually or mass wiped? Does this work for wooden blinds, too? Thanks.
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