Getting Rid of Roaches

Dissuade Creeping Insects

Beat the fall crawl and help keep creeping insects from your home.
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There are two ways to deter bugs: keep your house clean and lay down a line of protection.

1. keep your home clean

The best prevention against pests is good housecleaning. Bugs thrive on crumbs and moisture, so it is important to control food and water spills. Use Antibacterial fantastik® All Purpose Cleaner Heavy Duty to clean up spills, remove crumbs, inhibit mold, and mildew on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Some other tips:

Sweep up immediately

 after eating and keep surfaces clean and dry.

Keep soap scum at a minimum

 or keep soap in closed dishes.

Keep books off the floor

 and toss out old boxes and newspapers (some bugs adore clutter).

Store food in tightly closed

 plastic containers and refrigerate whenever possible.

Clean behind ovens,

 microwaves toasters and refrigerators.

2. lay down a line of protection

Prepare your home for the fall crawl. Try the following, referring to the product information on the label prior to any use:

Raid Max® Bug Barrier is an easy way to apply protection inside and outside your home. It’s even been shown to kill more roaches than the leading brand of indoor/outdoor insect killer*, and will kill roaches, flies, spiders, and ants.

(* Raid Max® Bug Barrier kills 8X more roaches than the leading brand of indoor/outdoor insect killer based on 1 minute of exposure to a dry, pre-treated wood surface against American and German cockroaches 48 hours after contact.)

Raid® Ant & Roach Killer kills on contact and will keep killing ants and roaches for up to four weeks. It comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can. You can use it directly on roaches themselves, as well as in their hiding places.
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3/10/2013 , 
Samuele  S.
Yes, We used boric acid and found a good result.
9/30/2011 , 
deb  m.
I am over the bugs!!! The first 2yrs in the house we had no problem but NOW. The house is 40+yrs old and brick. We have had 2 different bug companies in without luck. We have done the boric acid and just did the foggers this past week. There seems to be even more then before we fogged. I am a clean freak as well.HELP!!!!!!!
9/30/2011 , 
Stephanie  C.
I have the same problem with those gross things in outlets and toaster, so I have the same question as Jennelle T(from 5/11/2010)about how to deal with them in sockets and toasters.I already use the Raid Ant & Roach killer. This poses a bigger problem for me as my oldest son has an allergy to them and like other kids it hard to keep his room clean.I also have a 5 and 2 year old so I am leary about the foggers. To Sonja B(from 10/26/2009): yes they don't appear much in cold weather, I heard they like the warmth(I live in AZ).
5/11/2010 , 
Jenelle  T.
We have roaches that live in the outlets of our kitchen. How do you get rid of them there? We have tried the baits and egg stoppers with no luck. I don't like the fogger or sprays because we have a one year old. They also like the toaster. Why?
10/26/2009 , 
Sonya  B.
I too have the huge roaches coming from outside into my home! Nothing feels clean at all to me anymore!!! Ewwwww!! I have NEVER had to deal with these things and they really freak me out! I am soooo terrified of them! Somebody please help!! I have two small children and dont know what is the best thing to do. I have noticed that since the weather is getting cooler I am not seeing them nearly as much though! Do they hibernate during the winter or anything? Anyone know? Thanks in advance for any solutions!
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