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why does the pantry pest problem increase in the fall?

The number of invasive insects seems to increase in the fall because more bugs will be drawn to the warmth of your home as the temperature drops. According to Greg Baumann, senior scientist at the National Pest Management Association, they invade your kitchen because they are looking for three things: food, water and shelter.

how can I help keep bugs out during the fall?

You can protect your home by laying down a line of protection with Raid Max® Bug Barrier. It’s even been shown to work better than the leading brand of indoor/outdoor insect killer*, and will kill roaches, flies, spiders, and ants. It’s perfect for covering homes with lots of doors and windows.
(* Raid Max® Bug Barrier kills 8X more roaches than the leading brand of indoor/outdoor insect killer based on 1 minute of exposure to a dry, pre-treated wood surface against American and German cockroaches 48 hours after contact.)

can certain home décor attract pests?

Absolutely—especially festive fall arrangements using dried flowers or dried fruits and vegetables. Colored corn is a big pest magnet. To prevent infestation, store colored corn or any dried arrangements postseason, tightly sealed, in a Ziploc® Brand Container or Ziploc® Brand Storage Bag.

what are the most common pantry pests?

A variety of moth larvae, beetles and weevils can be found in stored foods such as flour, cereals, whole grains, corn meal, pasta, beans, peas, oils, nuts, spices and dried fruits. One of the most common is the Indian meal moth, which lays its larvae in or around food sources, especially grains. Some beetles prefer pasta and birdseed, and some can actually chew through packaging. Roaches are attracted to kitchens not only for food particles but also because they like to hide in warm, moist environments such as those around drains. (Learn more here about getting rid of roaches.)

how can you know if you are buying pest-free groceries?

Baumann suggests inspecting all foods before purchasing (look for rips in packaging and search open bins for signs of infestation). Then check again at home after unwrapping. And always inspect your grocery bags. Baumann says beetles and roaches can sneak into bags and boxes provided at the checkout counter.

what are the signs of infestation?

Silk webbing discovered inside flour, cereal, pasta, and bean packages is a sign that Indian meal moth larvae are present. Dark spots in food could be the remains of dead insects or larval "skins." A brownish dust covering cereals, corn, dried fruits, and vegetables might also be the remains of pests.
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8/4/2010 , 
ashonda  b.
I don't have time nor patience for playing food storage tic-tac-toe. I use bay leaves...EVERYWHERE! I put them in all the cabinets in my kitchen as well as my pantry. I change them every turn of the season. Not only is it homeopathic, it is cost efficent, and easy to find and do. Good Luck!
6/12/2010 , 
michelle  r.
I keep all of my vulnerable items in my very large freezer, it keeps them much fresher, and they will not freeze. But, I keep my dry pet food in 2 air tight containers very near the pet that is going to be fed(which is usually all 3 of them(2 cats, 1 dog-they are all very jealous of one another, so, they are fed all @ one time)!Only my canned goods are kept in the pantry, in my laundry room.
5/11/2010 , 
kathleen  k.
I keep my flour in an air tight container in my pantry. I keep the pancake mix in the fridge. Just be sure to bring it to room temp. before using. You can do the same with the flour. Anything that gets opened, whether it be a box of cereal, crackers,chips,cookies ect. I put in a Ziploc bag. Packaging and all. I do the same with cake mixes,pasta,rice,pudding,jello, ect. Not only does the food stay fresher longer,without getting stale as fast, the bags really keep the bugs out. When I am done with a bag, I put it in the sink and wash it, let it air dry and reuse it many times :)
4/22/2010 , 
kathy  s.
looks like this is a repeat article since the comments are from 08...the problems still plague us in 10...i put everything i buy that is has a grain in it in the the freezer for 5 days to kill any larvae that might have survived the packing process...wheat, rice, macaroni, cereal, cake/brownie mix, etc...has eliminated weevil from my kitchen.
6/1/2008 , 
Patti  P.
You can can also store your pantry foods like flour, rice, beans, etc. in air tight containers. This will prevent weevils. Everything in my pantry goes into air tight containers. You'll find that the pantry stays organized and you won't have any pest problems.
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