Post-Holiday Cleanups

10 post-holiday home cleaning tips

Here's how to get your house sparkling for the new year.
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Save the cards.

 I place holiday cards on my mantel during the holidays and some are so beautiful I hate to throw them out. So I store them in a Ziploc® brand Container with the Smart Snap® Seal (the large, 9 1/2-cup rectangle) and mark the year on top with a permanent marker on masking tape. When the next year's holidays roll around, it's easy to see who needs to be on my list to receive cards.

Recondition your dining table.

 Heavy entertaining may have left your dining table nicked, smudged or dirty. And dry winter air can leave wood, in particular, looking dull. Come January, I always like to check the condition of my wood dining table and dust, shine and protect it by using Pledge® Lemon Clean. The fresh lemon-scented formula not only removes dust, fingerprints and smudges but also helps protect wood from every day wear and tear. I use it on all my wood furniture and the wipes make it so convenient to do a quick spot clean.

Shine stainless steel.

 From sink fixtures to refrigerators to oven fronts, your stainless steel most likely needs a shine after the holidays. I love using Pledge® Multi Surface Cleaner because I can clean and shine my stainless steel —kitchen to bathroom—in a matter of minutes. They easily remove fingerprints and smears too.

Brighten fine glassware.

 Cleaning fine glassware demands patience and a technique to avoid breakage; above all, take your time! First, I put a rubber mat or heavy, folded towel in my sink to protect the glassware. Then I fill the sink with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid and clean each glass individually, handling it by the bowl and not the stem. Then I rinse each glass separately in another pan of warm water and air-dry upside down on a rack. (Leaving glassware standing on a flat surface will lead to fogging and spotting.)

Deodorize cooking pots.

 From roasted turkeys to winter casseroles, your pots have probably been working overtime. If cast-iron or rust-prone pots smell of food, try rubbing lemon slices over them. Then wash in hot soapy water, rinse well and dry thoroughly with a towel. If pots are prone to rusting, add a little baking soda to the hot sudsy water, clean, rinse and wipe dry.

Get bathrooms sparkling.

 Now's the time to give bathrooms a thorough cleaning. Scrubbing Bubbles® Foaming Bathroom Cleaner cleans, shines, sanitizes and deodorizes your bathrooms in one simple step while easily removing dirt, soap scum and hard-water stains. Now might be the time to replace your shower curtain liners as well. Once your shower is clean, if you haven't installed a Scrubbing Bubbles® Automatic Shower Cleaner, give yourself a gift for the new year. It has made all the difference in my house—I just push a button after the last shower at night, and my family wakes up to a clean shower every morning.

Speed up toilet cleanups.

 Start the year off with fresh toilet bowls. To cut down on cleaning time, I like the disposable scrubby pads that come with the Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush® 2-in-1 Toilet Cleaning System. The heavy-duty scrubbing pads clean tough stains like hard water, limescale, rust stains and more. Throw away the wet, germy pad after each use and leave behind a clean sparkling bowl.

Recycle what you can.

 Corrugated cardboard, printed papers and gift boxes can be recycled. So fold, tie up and leave curbside for pickup (if your neighborhood offers this service). Store leftovers you can reuse (like some gift bags and boxes, bubble wrap and packaging "peanuts") in Ziploc® Brand Big Bags in your basement or garage. If you hate the clutter, check with your local private mail services—they might take the materials off your hands.

Power-clean countertops.

 Extra traffic through your kitchen during winter's entertaining season can leave your countertops extra dirty. To clean them, I use Windex® Multi-Surface Antibacterial. It cleans and shines surfaces with no dull residue left behind.

Clean your can opener.

 Take time to give your can opener, whether it's electric or manual, an extra cleaning this month. (Ideally, a can opener should be washed after each use because it can be the source of cross-contamination from contact with many different foods.) Manual can openers should be washed in hot sudsy water, rinsed and dried thoroughly. For electric openers, always unplug before cleaning and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Try using a "retired" toothbrush to get food out of crevices.
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1/25/2013 , 
Davoris  C.
I think it's wrong. the best thing to do when it's time to clean your house is to clean half the house in the morning and the other half in the afternoon .
1/15/2013 , 
izelle  b.
good information on how to clean your home and the products to help you. Have used many of the products but did find a couple of hints that I will use in the futur. thank you.I will tell others.
1/10/2013 , 
Ruth  P.
Thank you about for the tips of putting Holiday cards in bags and also the one for making pots smell better
1/10/2013 , 
dennis  P.
On comment on no. one....I can not save every card. I get the top five. I make a list of all those who sent a card. I make three list no 1 are my best cards no 2 or the middle of the road cards and three are the dogs...(.pictures of the kids during your vacation) I then buy three boxes of cards and send the best to the best! The middle of the road get a nice box...and those dogs cards get a dog card back. Its fun to rate each card...Many people call to see how their card rated!
1/10/2013 , 
krizia  m.
I love Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel! so helpful!
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