Chopstick Placemat

Chopstick Placemat

A simple but elegant idea—a placemat made of chopsticks! Find them at Asian supply stores, some party favor stores, or online. It's perfect for stir-fry meals or as a coaster.
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  • 40 pairs, flat wooden chopsticks (unseparated pairs)
  • Multipurpose glue
  • Burlap-type fabric, 4" x 4", per mat
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker for material


step 1Take 40 pairs of chopsticks out of the package but do not pull pairs apart.
step 2Lay them all side to side, wide end to narrow end, flat on your work table. The final shape you are making is a rectangle.
step 3Carefully pull only the wide ends three inches from both the top and bottom edges to create the appearance of a picket fence. As such, this "picket fence" look will be at the top and bottom of the design, with the solid mass in the center, approximately five inches wide.
step 4Measure the "solid mass" in the center of your mat and cut a piece of burlap or other sturdy material to match. Glue this fabric to cover only the solid portion (as backing), leaving the "picket fence" section visible.
step 5Allow to dry before using.
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3/6/2012 , 
Jeanette  L.
I love this idea! It is simple, inexpensive, easy and really clever!
1/31/2012 , 
Debra  G.
I love this project, and plan on making several (including one for my potted plant!). I just have one question though. When I print out your instruction's, the picture never prints. Why is that?
1/21/2012 , 
Casey  T.
If you buy chopsticks, buy ones from Georgia. They are made of poplars wood. They wood is the right color and isn't bleached. Plus, the company has helped create a lot of jobs in America!
1/10/2012 , 
Dr Manarii  T.
This comment is to reply to Molly. Chopsticks are made from a grass (called bamboo) that reproduces very rapidly and is a very environmentally friendly use of the grass.
6/3/2011 , 
JoAnn  K.
Easy enough to do with my youngest Daisy Girl Scout Troop! Of course the older girls would like it too.
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