Lavender Sachets

Lavender Sachets

Make your fragrant sachets by filling handkerchiefs or colored netting with lavender; then tie with satin ribbon. Place in closets, stored luggage or under a pillow to inspire sleep.
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Materials (per sachet)

  • Scissors
  • Two pieces of silk organza: 7"x18" (large) or 5"x13" (small)
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
  • Bag of dried lavender
  • Silk ribbon in 24" lengths


step 1Cut two pieces of silk organza into 7"x18" lengths for each sachet. Use two shades of organza, either white and another shade, or two complementary shades.
step 2Fold both pieces of material in half, keeping the white organza on the inside. Stitch down both outside edges to form a bag.
step 3Reverse the bag so that colored material is now on the inside. Fold the top edge over twice and stitch that down, creating a color band.
step 4Fill the sachet with lavender three-quarters full. Cut a 24" length of silk ribbon to match color lining of large bag; 18" for small bag. Tie a small bow.
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9/27/2011 , 
Lillian  H.
Herbs can be dried easily by cutting them and tying tiny elastics around the base of the them. If you don't have any floral wire to fashion a hook, use a large paper clip by unbending it so it forms a hook that you can hook onto string. Let the herbs dry upside down for 2 to 3 weeks indoors away from direct light.
9/19/2011 , 
Dorothy  A.
i like getting stuff
4/6/2010 , 
Katrina  K.
Harvest the lavender stems. Using a pair of gardening shears cut stems just above the leaves when the flower buds are starting to open and show their color. This is the time when the lavender aroma is at its strongest. Step 2 Place several stems together and secure the stems with a rubber band. Unlike twine or raffia, a rubber band will stay secure even as the stems shrink from the drying process. Step 3 Hang lavender bundles in a warm area away from direct sunlight. It can take between seven and ten days for the stalks to dry out completely. Step 4 Remove the buds from the stems. Place dry stems on a length of newspaper or a large towel, and gently roll it up like a tube. Now roll it back and forth on a hard surface like you are rolling out dough. This will dislodge the buds without crushing them. Step 5 Store the buds and use the stems. The buds can be placed in sachets for use in drawers or cupboards. Buds can also be stored in an airtight container for later use.
4/14/2009 , 
I grow lavender in the yard every year. But don't know how to dry it and retain the scent. Want to use this recipe for add on to gifts this year. Just need to know how to dry it! HELP!
3/11/2009 , 
Karen  S.
I would love to know where I can get some lavender. I was looking for something special to give to some friends when we get together for a girls night. This is perfect!
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