Mirror Magnet

Mirror Magnet

A mirror on the fridge? Sure, it's perfect for quick make-up checks while you're running around as you cook for guests. Our mirror magnets are also great on school lockers.
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  • Computer and printer, plus 1 sheet of paper
  • Downloaded template
  • Thin foam sheet in bright color, 7" x 7"
  • Cutting board
  • Utility knife
  • Adhesive magnetic sheeting, 7" x 7" (trimmed)
  • Foam glue
  • Various stick-ons
  • Circular mirror, 6" in diameter




step 1Download our circle template and print out on computer paper.
step 2Using a scissors, cut out the outer circle and inner circle. (Note: if you are using a circle mirror that is not 6 inches in diameter, use a protractor to draw a circle that is about a half-inch wider in diameter than your mirror. In the same way, create an inner circle that leaves the amount of mirror showing that you most desire.)
step 3On a cutting board, place the circle template on top of a piece of foam. Using a utility knife, carefully cut along the outer circle, making sure you cut deeply enough to penetrate the foam. Now cut along the inner circle; your piece of foam should look like an "O ring."
step 4Place the template on a magnetic sheet and carefully cut out the outer circle only, trimming the edges to be slightly smaller than the actual template. (Leave the inner circle intact.)
step 5Peel off the paper from the magnetic sheet to expose the adhesive. Carefully center the back of the mirror on the magnetic sheet so that there is an even border of magnetic sheeting around the mirror. Press down firmly.
step 6Using foam glue, apply a thin line of glue around the outer edge of the face of the mirror. Then place your O-ring foam on the mirror, making sure that the edges match (or preferably slightly overhang) the magnetic sheet. (Note: the O-ring foam glues to the glass, and the adhesive of the magnetic sheet adheres to the foam beyond the mirror's edge.)
step 7Choose stick-on tokens you like and place them around the frame on the foam. For symbols a young girl might like, we've chosen a little purse, comb, sunglasses, flowers and ladybug.
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3/27/2010 , 
Janyce  S.
This is a great craft to do at a girl's birthday party and it can be done for a variety of ages. You just have to vary the adornments accoring to the ages of the girls from 3-4yrs to young teens. Then when they are finished it makes a wonderful gift for them to take home, no having to mess with goodie bags.
5/26/2008 , 
Jill  H.
This is such a cute idea! I am always looking for ways to entertain my 2 year old daughter while I'm cooking dinner. She loves to put pretty things in her hair and the mirror magnet on the fridge will give her something fun to do while I cook. We can be together and both have fun! I love this. Keep the great ideas coming!

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