Sprout a Potato

Sprout a Potato

Potatoes are fun and easy to sprout and their eye-catching vines can be trained around a window frame. We'll show you how to grow your own potato plant.
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  • Firm potato
  • 4 toothpicks
  • Wide-mouthed watertight container. (Choose a clear glass jar so your children can spot the first rootlets growing.)

Potting mix
Small pot


step 1Insert four toothpicks into and around the middle of the potato. Space the toothpicks equidistant from each other, as if they were hands of a clock at "twelve o'clock," "three o'clock," "six o'clock" and "nine o'clock." The toothpicks will act as the supports you need to suspend the potato on the rim of the jar.
step 2Fill two-thirds of the container with water.
step 3Suspend the potato, pointy side down, into the container of water with the bottom half of the potato in the water.
step 4Place the container with potato in a sunny place.
step 5As days pass, change or add water as needed. Don't let the water get cloudy.
step 6After a few days, you should be able to see roots forming below the waterline. In two or three weeks, stems and leaves will sprout from the top. That's your clue to stand back—potato vines can grow quickly!
step 7After about a month, you can plant the potato in a small pot filled with potting mix and watch it grow even more.
step 8For a bushier plant, cut the vine back a few inches at a time as it grows. The stems can be weak, so consider tying them with twine to a small stake.
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10/30/2012 , 
sabir  s.
thanks a lot for that, and i'm gonna do that for my science project . XE
10/15/2012 , 
10/3/2012 , 
Jeanne  W.
I have never heard of this! I just put my potato in a glass canning jar and can't wait to see the results. Thanks for sharing.
9/17/2012 , 
Joyce  R.
This really brought back memories of my childhood. My first grade teacher grew carrot tops every new school year. (almost 75 years ago) My mom always had potatoes growing around the kitchen window. Thank you for these memories. kitchen window
7/10/2012 , 
wendy  a.
Also works well with potatoes also
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