Outdoor Lighting and Sound

Outdoor Lighting and Sound

To create the perfect sound and light-scapes for your patio party, read on.
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Create a cozy halo

 on your porch with clusters of string lights (no longer just a holiday trend). Try some in multiple colors or funny shapes, like jalapenos.

Place wrought-iron candleholders

 beside potted plants on a mantel or high shelf.

Choose copper lanterns

 that beautifully reflect the painted finish of walls and slate floors.

Line your porch

 with low-profile or pole-mounted luminarias.

Place a short pillar candle

 in an antique birdcage for an unusual shadow display.

Place votive candles

 around the umbrella of your patio table.

Fill hurricane vases

 with colorful limes and lemons with a taper in the middle.


 bug repellent action with atmospheric lighting to keep your party pest free.

Place white flowers in pots

 or in the yard to add a soft glow on all but the darkest nights.


Enjoy the tinkling of chimes,

 like these unusually whimsical ones from Tempest in a Teapot, handcrafted from old silverware and antique odds and ends.

Create a tabletop fountain

 with a small pump and rocks, bamboo, moss, and plants. Nothing soothes the spirit like the sound of gently flowing water.

Attract songbirds

 by filling bird feeders with seed, fresh fruit, berries, and seed-laden flowerheads. You'll wake up with a song in your heart every morning.

Invest in a

 planter speaker that not only has a built-in drainage system but also keeps plants moist.

Invest in music

 featuring natural ambient sounds like rainforests, waterfalls, birds. Or develop a collection of classical, popular, and global music that reflects different cuisines.
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5/8/2011 , 
Sheila  F.
I love these suggestions especially the table top fountain. Just wish I could click on the title and get more specific instructions as to how I can construct one. Have always been interested in fountains but have NO idea how to actually do it. Thanks so much for the suggestions.
6/5/2008 , 
patricia  l.
I bought inexpensive cds with birds and ocean waves and one of a thunderstorm from a closeout store. I used them over the chapel intercom for a retreat. the real birds were chirping back at them! everyone commented about how lovely they were.
5/23/2008 , 
Ruby  K.
These are good suggestions. They are practical and inexpensive, and they leave room for personalizing them!
5/7/2008 , 
Bonnie  J.
Got some really good and simple ideas. Can start with these and go from there
5/7/2008 , 
I really enjoy and use your hints and suggestions, and I use and enjoy your recipies. You and your products are a help to me. Thank you so much.

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