The Most Fragrant Roses

The Most Fragrant Roses

Looking for perfumed garden? Put these roses on your list, says award-winning rose breeder, Sean McCann.
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Double Delight

"Just Joey"

- A great rose introduced in 1994, this variety is still a bit challenging to locate. Its new petals start out orange apricot and fade to pink as they develop around the fragrant, high-centered bud. The overall effect is an orange softened enough to complement a host of summer perennials.

"Mister Lincoln"

- High centered and very fragrant, this dark red rose was introduced in 1965 and remains one of the finest of red garden roses. It has a strong growth habit and good disease resistance. The petals are thick and velvety, and the flowers are perfect for cutting.

"Double Delight"

- Extraordinarily fragrant, this garden favorite produces armload of classical-formed blossoms that turn buttery yellow and strawberry red when mature. It's also available as a tree rose.Plant where its bright color will not compete.

"Fragrant Cloud"

- This award-winning bush emits a tangy, fresh-fruity scent that will keep your sunniest beds invigorated with fragrance all season long. In cooler climates, the petals will reach a deeper red hue.

"Sutter's Gold"

- Named for the colorful nuggets that sparked the 1849 California Gold Rush, this hybrid tea is a soft orange and yellow beauty, overlaid with pink. It's very fragrant and a good garden rose.

"Crimson Glory"

- Let's not forget the most scented of all roses, introduced in 1935: "Crimson Glory" combines velvety crimson flowers, with a full, lush rose fragrance.

"William Shakespeare 2000"

- This dark, red fragrant rose comes from the group called English Roses by David Austin. They are widely available, but make sure you get one from the 2000 batch; an earlier version was not as successful
Note: Some older varieties are not disease tolerant.
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6/26/2010 , 
Carol  P.
Japanese beetles? Get yourself a mason jar with a screw-on lid. Fill it half-full with kerosene. At dusk, when the beetles are sluggish, go around your rose bushes, tipping the blossoms over the jar and tap the beetles into the kerosene.
4/16/2010 , 
Terry  S.
When I loved near Tampa, FL I had a pink rose called "Sweet Surrender" that I purchased at a local nursery. I have never smelled a rose as wonderful as this one. It was prolific and enjoyed the Florida heat.
3/20/2009 , 
saida  c.
i love roses and i have few you named my problem that i have every year my roses get eaten by japanese beedle please help me what should i do in this case please do not make me not like roses they are beatiful in back yard and front everybody admirad them.
10/4/2008 , 
Darlene  W.
Which fragrant roses are suited for St. Augustine Florida? The heat and humidity are very hard on any plants.
5/14/2008 , 
Pamela  Y.
I live in a apartment complex and her we can have plants and flowers. I try my best to have a varity of flowers. I try to plant them form seed or buy what I can on sale. The area that I have is not as big as my old home. But I try and make it like the flower graden that my mother had when I was a child. My patio is 11 1/2 feet wide by 8 feet long and I would one day like to be able to have the righ out door furnituer and florar plants to make it more homey. I have bought some roses and Johny jumpups and have plandet diffrent Lillys and mose roses. I hope to have other flowers planted as soon as they are big enough form the pead pots in my apt storage room. hopefuly they will be able to join the others so I can enjoy sitting out side and watching my flowers with my friends.

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