7 Tips for Automating Your Life

7 ways to make your life easier

Tomorrow is here today with these gadgets and tips that take care of you and your home automatically.
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1. Automatically Refreshed Rooms

Thanks to the Glade® Automatic Spray you can continuously add fragrance to any room for up to 60 days* without lifting a finger. This great product steadily releases fragrance week after week. You determine how often you would like fragrance to be released or just touch the boost button for an instant burst of extra fragrance. There is a variety of fragrances to suit your needs, from Clean LinenTM and Cashmere Woods® to Lavender & Vanilla and Hawaiian Breeze®. Just choose your setting and enjoy the ease of filling your home with fragrance without thinking about it for the next two months.*

*on 36-minute setting

2. Self-Watering Plants

All it takes is one busy week and suddenly your vibrant houseplants are looking withered and parched. But not anymore with this easy self-watering system. Fill cleaned plastic or glass containers with water; then place them on a lower level than the plants you want to water. Cut a cotton cord about the thickness of heavy yarn (or you can use watering wicks purchased at gardening stores) long enough so you can push one end of the cord two inches into the soil and push the other end to the bottom of your water reservoir. Soak the cord before you insert it next to the plant base. The water will automatically travel from the bottle to the plant’s root system.

Want to automatically water your plants while you’re on vacation? Fill your bathtub with several inches of water. Then place your plants on something so they are higher than the water and let the wicks hang into the tub. Make sure your bathroom gets enough sunlight during the day to nourish your plants while you’re away.

3. Ready-When-You-Are Meals

If you haven’t picked up a slow cooker since you unwrapped one at your wedding shower, it’s time to rediscover this cooking marvel. Essentially, you just put in stock, meat and vegetables, set the timer and come home to delicious stew, soup, chili or pot roast. Try a delicious Slow-Cooked Pork Loin with Dried Cherries and Onions or a surprising Beef Brisket that has root beer as the secret ingredient. After dinner you’ll have just one pot to clean up.

4. Light Your Way

Forget to turn the lights off? Not a problem when you have an automatic light sensor. For about $15 at your local hardware store, you can find passive infrared sensors that turn on lights when you walk into a room and off after you leave. Overall, you’ll save money by not leaving lights on in rooms when no one is in them. Also consider energy-efficient solar-powered outdoor lights that automatically come on when it gets dark outside. Use them to light up a pathway or drive, or to spotlight trees in your yard.

5. Birthday -Matic

You may now rely on automatic email updates from your bank to let you know when bills are due, but did you know you can also sign up for online birthday reminders? Hallmark and American Greetings are among the card companies that offer free online reminder services. You can collect your list of important birthdates and then receive an automatic reminder when those red-letter days come up. Many services will automatically send an e-card for you. Some will even let you purchase a paper card, which then will be sent automatically.

6. Self-Cleaning Microwave

Before you spend time and elbow grease trying to remove tough baked-on food splatters inside your microwave, try this tip and let your oven do the work for you. After wiping away any loose crumbs with a paper towel, heat a microwave-safe bowl filled with 2–3 cups of water and the juice of one lemon (or 2–3 tablespoons of pre-squeezed lemon juice) on high for as long as it takes the water to come to a boil—somewhere between 1 and 5 minutes. Let the bowl cool for 10 minutes before carefully removing it. Then just wipe away the loosened food stains with a paper towel.

7. The Automatic Big Chill

Beyond keeping frozen foods fresh and making ice cubes, your freezer can make quick work of tricky tasks. Place cooking pots in the freezer for two hours and burnt-on food will scrub off easily. Wax will pop out of glass candlestick holders that have been put in the freezer for 2–3 hours. And for neat, precise points, put your eye pencils and lip pencils in the freezer for a minute before sharpening.
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9/17/2012 , 
mike  b.
2/9/2011 , 
Heather  W.
I love your newsletter it always has a new idea for cleaning that I haven't heard of before or something that could make my life easier like the wick thing for watering the plants. This is going to save so many of my plants! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!
2/8/2011 , 
Sherry  S.
some of the tips I had already known but are still useful to be reminded of. Thanks!
2/8/2011 , 
Patricia  A.
I love all the tips, thanks a lot. It will help to keep things clean and smelling fresh.
2/8/2011 , 
Jeanette  F.
Love the tips; thanks for sharing
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