Cool Things to Do Outdoors

Cool Things to Do Outdoors

Help your family celebrate the first days of summer.
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  • entertain others

    Morning brunch.

      Lay two big Moroccan carpets and enormous pillows in a corner of the backyard and serve a brunch of Provencal Omelettes and Apple Scones with Strawberry Butter to the soothing tinkles of wind chimes
  • Backyard picnics.

      Pack a wicker basket filled with goodies like Spicy Hummus and fresh veggies , Tuna Focaccia Sandwiches, and Pecan Crusted Chicken and Shrimp. Soups and beverages are simple to transport in leak-resistant Ziploc® Brand Twist ‘n Loc® Containers. Then spread a blanket out on the cool grass and enjoy!
  • Afternoon tea.

      Ban paper plates and set up a romantic tea on a shaded patio or under a shady trellis. Set your table with a floral tablecloth and delicate painted china from flea markets. Bring out a hot pot of Chai and generous slices of Apple Walnut Bread on a silver tray.
  • Moonlight moments.

      Create the perfect setting on your front porch or backyard patio for a romantic after-dinner rendez-vous. Set the mood with special night-time illumination. Then bring out frothy glasses of Café Mocha Amorosa (cold or hot) paired with Anise Biscottis or Warm Chocolate Swoons.
  • Be your own DJ.

      Choose music that matches your menu or your outdoor décor. For a menu like Hawaiian BBQ Tuna Burgers and Tropical Pasta Salad , play hula music, Brazilian jazz, or something retro that rocks. If you use Victorian-looking china, try classical music like Vivaldi for a classy afternoon tea.

  • entertain yourself

    Take on Da Vinci.

      Take a sketchpad and box of watercolors into your garden. Study the petals of a flower or the movement of a ladybug, and capture it on paper.
  • Phone home.

      Extend your phone cord or take your cell phone and make your calls outside, accompanied by a tall cool pitcher of Lemon-Lime Ginger Ale.
  • Perk up your workspace.

      On a sunny day set up your journal, typewriter, or laptop on the terrace and catch up on your personal writings, correspondence, etc. In fact, any chore you need to do will seem more relaxing outdoors.
  • Hello, birdie!

      Set yourself up for some serious bird-watching with a bird guidebook, binoculars, and a portable chair. You might just catch a robin building a nest or hummingbirds quivering in front of the hollyhocks. Slather a wooden birdhouse with peanut butter for more action.
  • Do cart wheels.

      Find the largest cart wheel you can in a junk shop, paint it white, lay it down with the hub stuck in the earth, and plant with chives, sage, basil, etc.
  • Knit one, purl two.

      Settle into a rocking chair on the porch and keep hands busy with knitting or needlepoint projects you can give as holiday gifts.

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6/7/2009 , 
Alley  S.
would love the family to relax either join in in a yard game or a water fight with the older folks sitting back and watching(and laughing) and shouting out pointers. That way everybody is involved!
6/4/2009 , 
susan  c.
These are some very inspiring ideas. I got lost in each idea as i read them as if i was already there! Thanks for the mini vacation!
6/4/2009 , 
ann  t.
some more ideas-bachi or lawn croquet-hula hoop contests and water baloon toss, all fun for everyone- i love the relaxing ideas too...
6/3/2009 , 
Keith  P.
I think glade candles not only make the room smell good but also light up the room.
6/3/2009 , 
Melissa  T.
I am excited to try the new products that are out this summer!!
Showing 1 - 5 of 9 comments:
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