Winter Home Savings

Winter Home Savings

Did you know a roaring fireplace in your living room can actually raise your heating bill? Or that dust on your lightbulbs can cause you to lose money?
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Read on to discover why and what you can do to avoid these money-guzzling situations, and more.
  • Maximize lightbulbs.

     Get 50% more light from your lightbulbs by dusting them regularly. To safely clean bulbs, turn off the light and let the bulb cool before dusting. With their patented "grab and hold technology," Pledge® Dry Cloths will easily trap dust and dirt clouding your lightbulbs.
  • Rearrange lighting.

     Situate lamps in the corner of rooms so that they shine on two walls simultaneously. This will increase the room's brightness and decrease the number of lightbulbs needed.
  • Cool your fridge.

     Keeping your refrigerator fully stocked will lower its overall temperature (and thus your electric bill) since food, once cooled, acts as a natural temperature regulator. To ensure your food stays fresh, store produce in Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags or Ziploc® Brand Containers.
  • Downgrade your ice.

     Save 14-20% on your electric bill by turning off your energy-guzzling icemaker and using ice trays instead.
  • Batten down the damper.

     Leaving a fireplace damper open can raise your total heating costs 5-15%. When fireplace is not in use, close the damper and seal openings around the hearth and firebox with caulking materials made for fireplaces.
  • Take a shower.

     A family of four can save heating up to 200 gallons of water a week just by taking a shower instead of a bath. To keep the shower clean for the next bather, use Scrubbing Bubbles® Foaming Bathroom Cleaner, it easily removes soap scum, hard water stains, and dirt while controlling mold and mildew growth.
  • Heating on vacation.

     If you leave town for a weekend or longer, save money by turning off the water heater that no one will use. Or, just reset its thermostat to the lowest setting; it will only take an hour to heat up again when you return.
  • Install a timer.

     Save on holiday lights by installing a timer switch that will automatically turn off the lights at pre-set times. If you are traveling during the holidays, use them as security timing to make it appear you're at home. A plug-in timer can turn a lamp or radio on and off several times a day.
  • Seal your baking.

     Improve the heat retention of your oven by keeping the seal clean between the oven door and cabinet; it helps the seal stay tight. For quick cleanups use Pledge® Multi Surface Spray and Wipes.
  • Plug the drain.

     A family of four can save about 2,500 gallons of water a year by plugging the drain while washing hands and face. When you've finished soaping, empty the sink, and then refill with warm water for a quick rinse. Make sure that your drain works smoothly by regularly using Drano® Max Build-Up Remover. Its unique formula containing natural enzymes and bacteria prevents clogs from taking root in your pipes.
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1/6/2010 , 
Beverly  Y.
When you open the refrigerator or freezer get all of the things out that you need. Don't open either one several times while preparing a meal, because you are not organized with your meal.
4/11/2009 , 
Ann  N.
Although I need of these infornation, I do not always follow through by doing them. Thanks for the reminder of how my family and I can do our part in helping to conserve energy
3/26/2009 , 
Evelyn  R.
I have my computer, printer, etc. on a power strip. After shutting down the computer I only have to switch off the power strip. Also, I do this with my TV and everything hooked to it as the dvd, etc. are always "on" even though the power button is off.
11/14/2008 , 
carol  d.
great information things i have never heard of thank you
11/5/2008 , 
Tish  H.
Thank you The coupons would be great.
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