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helpful how to: cut a pineapple

Get the most out of this fresh tropical treat.

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Useful tips


Choose the right tool

Use a good chef’s or serrated knife and a flexible cutting board.

Make four simple cuts

Cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple, then cut it into quarters.

Cut away the core

Now stand a quarter section on its end. One simple vertical cut eliminates the quarter’s core. Repeat for the other three quarters.

Begin slicing

Then lay each quarter section down, and slice vertically into whatever width chunks or slices you prefer.


Finish slicing

Then pull your knife along the inside of the skin (but not too close), and voila: perfect pineapple without the knotholes or tough core.

Tip:While the fruit was in the store, all its sugar settled at the bottom, so turn it upside down in the refrigerator for about a half hour before cutting and serving. That way the sugar will flow back through the whole pineapple.

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7/20/2013 , 
Nancy  H.
Thank you so much for the video on cutting the pinapple succesfully , and also the tip on turning it upside down in the frige so the sugar's go through the fruit' making it sweeter! I'm 66 years old and love fresh pinapple ,but went back to the can because I was having trouble cutting it proper without wasting so much juice and fruit . Thank you so much. Pinapple will be back on the never get too old to learn. Now I will truly enjoy the fruits of my labor.haha. Keep up the helpful hints, I will search more.
7/17/2013 , 
Raquel  H.
I will definitely try this method of cutting my next pineapple. Looks so much easier! Makes me want to go out and buy one so I can give it a try.
7/11/2013 , 
Doreen  R.
7/10/2013 , 
Cristy  P.
I have always cut a pineapple a different way and have felt like I was waisting so much of it. I can't wait to buy another one just to try this out! Thanks for the info! :)
7/9/2013 , 
Christine  D.
This was a very helpful hint. Also if you put the top of the plant in dirt it will make a beautiful plant.
Showing 1 - 5 of 340 comments:
Page 1 of 68

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