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what is rss?

Your favorite websites (such as and blogs update regularly, but you may not remember exactly when to look for updates. With RSS (which stands for "Really Simple Syndication"), the updated information or "feed" comes directly to you. It's like having groceries regularly delivered to your home instead of going to the store for them.

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how do I get started with rss?

Just click the RSS icon rss that appears on any Right@Home® section landing page. After you click, a list of choices will appear.

Each choice allows you to indicate where and how you want to view your Right@Home® content feeds. Simply click your choice and then click through the easy-to-follow instructions. The instructions will differ slightly depending on your choice.

what kind of content from Right@Home® can I receive?

You can choose to receive RSS feeds on any or all of our major topic categories: "cleaning & organizing", "food & cooking", "designing for your home" and "you & your family". Plus, you can subscribe to "tips 'n tricks" –our daily tip feature–and have helpful home-care tips delivered fresh daily.

subscribe to Right@Home® rss feeds

In addition to using the RSS icon on major section pages, you can use the buttons below to subscribe to your favorite Right@Home® content.
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rss you & your family
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