saves time & simplifies shopping

It's a great pairing of online convenience with checklist satisfaction.

  • add

    It's easy. Add items to your list from the "list starters" menu. Or type other items in the entry fields.

    You can also add items featured on recipe pages, articles and wherever you see an Add to List button on

  • change

    Just click Update. You can make changes to your list at any time. If someone else is doing the shopping, be sure to add details like size, brand or type.

  • organize

    Simply move items wherever you like. To move an item, click it and drag it to a new spot.

  • save

    No need to worry. We’ll store your list for up to 60 days so you can reuse and update it often. Just be sure not to delete your cookies!

  • email & print

    Email your completed list to yourself or whoever does the family shopping. And, of course, you can print your list for on-the-go convenience.

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