15-Minute Pre-Spring Cleanups
15-Minute Pre-Spring Cleanups

15-Minute Pre-Spring Cleanups

No time to clean? No problem!

Spring cleaning can be exciting...and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be, though. Just 15 minutes a day of pre-spring cleanup can be incredibly effective. So, without further ado, start your timer!

Break it down

The scale of cleaning your entire home may mean that some jobs simply don’t get done. Don’t avoid those “out of sight, out of mind” areas—be proactive! If you’ve been avoiding a messy storage closet, break it down into 15 minute tasks. Start with a single shelf. Separate items into two piles—what you want to keep and what can be thrown away. You only have 15 minutes so be ruthless! Say bye-bye to half-burned candles, games with missing pieces, and single gloves.

Divide drawers and conquer

We call them junk drawers for a reason, right? Drawers have the habit of accumulating so much stuff you can’t even open them. Why not sort through one while watching TV? Just put the drawer on your lap and keep a trash can handy. Throw out the trash, put the rest into Ziploc® brand Big Bags, and over the next week, whenever you use anything from the bag, put it back in the drawer. At the end of the week, whatever’s left can be tossed.

Bonus: Use this time as an opportunity to thoroughly clean hard to reach crevices and cut out new lining paper for the drawers.

Don’t do it alone

Enlist your family to eliminate clutter! If you’ve got 30 minutes, have everyone fill a Ziploc® brand Big Bag with items that can be given away, like clothes that no longer fit, toys, books and games. When you donate things you no longer need, you help others and you also save space and time by eliminating the need to store, clean and dust them. It’s a win-win!

Collect, sort, move on

Spend 15 minutes with an empty laundry basket and collect just one type of thing—anything from hats and gloves to toys, craft projects, or books. Once you’ve assembled your collection, decide immediately where to store it. Another great way to sort and move on? Teach your family the O-H-I-O method: Only Handle It Once. When the mail or school papers come in, sort it immediately. Trash or file it where it goes. Whether it’s dirty dishes or laundry, the O-H-I-O method works again and again.

Reward yourself

It’s astounding what 15 minutes a day of pre-spring cleaning can do. As you watch your progress make sure to reward yourself. Open the windows and let in some fresh air and feel good about making your home a cleaner and happier place!