5 Ways To Make Your Spring Clean Last
5 Ways To Make Your Spring Clean Last

5 Ways To Make Your Spring Clean Last

Deep clean your home now and keep it clean later.

From removing dust to banishing bathroom grime, we’ve got 5 shortcuts for spring cleaning your home (and keeping it spotless all year long):

1. Remove dust now

For a thorough dusting, work your way from top to bottom so you don’t have to go over surfaces more than once.

Help keep dust at bay. Stash a pack of Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Wipes in a decorative basket by the staircase so you can grab a wipe on your way up or down the stairs and run it along the railing. Put another pack in the living room so you can stay on top of dust as it appears.

2. Master microwave messes now

Place a halved lemon in ½ cup of water and heat in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. The steam will help loosen dried-on food particles so you can easily wipe them away using a paper towel. To clean up messes before they dry, try Windex® Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface.

Keep it mess-free later. Use a microwave food cover to keep your microwave clean and free of food splatters.

3. Tackle laundry now

Spring cleaning brings loads of extra laundry, but don’t overload the washer or dryer. Clothes need to move freely in the machine to come out clean and wrinkle-free. Instead, save time by reducing the need for sorting with Shout® Color Catcher® Sheets.

Lighten the load later. Enlist the help of family members by divvying up laundry chores like loading, folding and ironing. Put Shout® Triple-Acting Laundry Stain Remover next to each hamper, so you can treat stains right away. Make sure the young ones are supervised by adults when treating stains.

4. Clean window treatments now

Window treatments are often overlooked when cleaning. Give blinds and curtains a thorough refresh using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner or wash according to the label directions.

Keep them clean later. To avoid dirt and dust buildup, open and close your window treatments often and gently shake them. Give dust a few minutes to fall to the floor so you can easily wipe it up with a dust mop or towel.

5. Banish bathroom grime now

Wash your shower curtain according to its label and replace the shower curtain liner, which can harbor mold and grime. To rid your tub of soap scum quickly, use the Scrubbing Bubbles® Mega Shower Foamer. Its wide spray ensures you won’t miss a spot.

Keep it at bay later. Traditional bar soaps have binders that are the main cause of soapy residue. Try switching to a liquid shower gel or glycerin bar soap to help prevent soap scum. And don’t forget to open a window or run the fan during your shower (and for at least 10 minutes afterward) to avoid mold and mildew buildup.