7 Steps To A Deeper Kitchen Clean
7 Steps To A Deeper Kitchen Clean

7 Steps To A Deeper Kitchen Clean

For a truly clean kitchen, take some time to tackle the tough spots.

Even if you keep your countertops clear and the dishes spotless, chances are there’s still a few areas where dirt and grime have snuck in. Use these simple solutions to achieve a deeper kitchen clean.

1. Clean your coils

Check your owner's manual, but you can usually pull off the removable vent at the bottom of your refrigerator and use the crevice tool of your vacuum to vacuum the coils. Before you replace the vent, wash it or wipe it down with Windex® Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface.

2. Get a handle on handles

Cabinet, drawer and refrigerator handles get very grimy. Use Windex® Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface and a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe them down, making sure not to miss the undersides and the area where the handle joins the door.

3. Overcome crumbs

Drips and crumbs get stuck in the space between the stove and the countertop. Use a stiff brush to loosen and remove them. Empty all drawers and use the corner nozzle on your vacuum hose to suck up crumbs, dust and other debris.

4. Brush the burners

A soft-bristled toothbrush is a great tool for cleaning on and around the burners of your stove as well as in the area around the burners.

5. Scrub the sink

If the grout around the sink has been discolored, brighten it up with Bleach 5-in-1 Scrubbing Bubbles® All Purpose Cleaner with fantastik®. Use a toothbrush again around the faucet knobs, in the crannies of the drain, and along the seam where the sink joins the counter.

6. Mop up the microwave

Zap a cup of water with a few lemon slices for a minute to remove grease spatters on the interior of your microwave. The steam softens stuck-on food and makes it easier to wipe away the residue with just clean water and a sponge.

7. Finish with the finish

Use Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Wipes to wipe dust, grease and smears from the exteriors of your drawers, cabinets and appliances.