8 Great Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips
8 Great Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips

8 Great Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips

Wrap up the holidays fast with these tips and tricks.

You don’t want to be that family…you know, the one with the tree still up in July. With these tips, you can wrap up post-holiday cleaning and organizing in a snap.

1. don’t discard the cards

Holiday cards sure do pile up, but you just can’t throw them all away. Put your favorites in a Ziploc® brand container, write the year on it, and decorate it, making a holiday time capsule. You can use the cards later in scrapbooks, or for a stroll down memory lane. And if you save the envelopes too, you can cut the return addresses out, put them all in a Ziploc® brand bag, and next year, you’ll be armed with accurate addresses for your loved ones, all in one place!

Create a holiday card time capsule
Save holiday card addresses

2. Recycle what you can

Save this year’s packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and padded mailers in Ziploc® brand bags for use throughout the year. Find pristine paper and bows and use them for next year’s gift wrap, or for collaging with the kids. Have an empty wrapping paper tube? Wrap the reusable paper around it, and secure it by tying it up with your reusable ribbon.

3. Tangle-proof holiday lights

When taking down your lights, wrap them around old hangers and tie the plug end to the hook. The cords will be easy to store and find, and they’ll be tangle-free next year—plus hanging your lights next year will be easy and hassle-free since you can neatly pull them from the hanger as you go.

Tangle-proof holiday lights cord organizer

4. Got one? Give one!

For every new item you received as a gift, give another away. Two new scarves from grandma? Give two away and help a family in need stay warm. Santa brought more toys than you can even store? Donations galore! Pack it all up in Ziploc® brand bags or Ziploc® brand Flexible Totes and take them to your nearest donation center. You’ll clear up some room while helping those in need.

5. Recondition your dining table

The holiday season was hard on your dining table, and dry winter air leaves wood looking dull. Now’s the time to dust, shine and protect it with Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray. It removes dust, fingerprints and smudges and also helps protect wood from everyday wear and tear.

6. Deodorize pots and pans

If your cast-iron pan still smells like holiday dinner, pour some salt into it and use both halves of a cut lemon to rub the pan while squeezing the juice out. Let sit for about 5 minutes (too long will draw seasoning oils out). Wipe clean with a paper towel and follow with a coat of oil. Another method? Simply heat empty cast iron pans for 10 minutes in a 400-degree oven! For non-cast iron pots, baking soda does the deodorizing trick.

7. Brighten wine glasses

To avoid breaking your fancy glasses, take your time! Put a rubber mat or heavy, folded towel on the bottom of the sink, then fill the sink with warm water and dish soap. Clean and rinse one glass at a time, handling it by the bowl and not the stem. Avoid too many suds as they will make the glass super slippery in your hands. To avoid fogging, air dry upside down on a rack, or upright on a towel to make sure air can circulate inside the glass.

8. Shine stainless steel

From sink fixtures and refrigerators to oven doors, your stainless steel most likely needs some TLC after the holidays. Try Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner to clean and shine stainless steel in minutes. It removes fingerprints and smears too.