Bathroom Deep-Cleaning Shortcuts
Bathroom Deep-Cleaning Shortcuts

9 Bathroom Deep-Cleaning Shortcuts

When your weekly wipe down just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. So if you’ve been getting by with weekly wipe-downs, your bathroom may be due for a deep clean. But before you get overwhelmed, try these tips that make cleaning the more, shall we say neglected areas, a lot easier. With just a little extra effort, your bathroom can be cleaner, fresher and brighter in no time.

1. be prepared

Before you channel your inner Cinderella, gather all the products and tools you need in one place. Think various cleaning sprays, wipes, rubber gloves and scrub brushes. Don’t forget a mop, bucket, and vacuum (preferably with a crevice attachment) too.

2. look for products that do the work for you

They'll save you time and elbow grease. A product like Scrubbing Bubbles® Mega Shower Foamer has a grime-busting formula that works on contact to cut through soap scum and reduce mildew stains in your shower and tub. All you have to do is spray, let it sit, then rinse away.

3. clean in-between

Start at the top with vents, fans and window blinds—they get the least amount of love. Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Wipes are perfect for cleaning between the individual slats, removing dust and up to 90% of the allergens found in dust.

4. let in the light

Turn off your lights, take down the fixtures and carefully clean them with Windex® Crystal Rain® Glass Cleaner, which leaves behind a refreshingly clean scent. Don’t forget to wipe off your light bulbs too (do this only when they’re off and completely cool). Grime from steamy showers and dust can dim a bulb's lighting efficiency.

5. clean dry first, then wet

It's much easier to clean up hair and dirt when surfaces are dry rather than after they get wet. First, vacuum your bathroom floor, and use the crevice tool to get into corners and behind sinks and toilets. Then, use Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Squirt & Mop.

6. protect your artwork as you clean

Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Wipes are terrific for cleaning framed artwork in your bathroom—simply wipe off the glass and frame. Use them in place of spray-on cleaners that can seep in between the glass and the artwork, ruining the picture.

7. go with the flow

If your shower pressure seems a little weak, you may need to clean out the lime and mineral deposits clogging your shower head and reducing the water flow. Less water pressure means longer showers, which isn't good for the environment—or your wallet.

8. keep your whirlpool bath a-whirling

Once a month, fill the tub with warm water and a half cup of bleach. Shut off the air induction and let the jets run for 15–30 minutes. Drain the tub entirely. Refill with clear water and run the jets again for 15 minutes to rinse out the pumps. To keep your whirlpool pumps running smoothly, avoid using foaming or bubble-bath products. (Note: check with your manufacturer to see if there are specific cleaning instructions for your whirlpool model.)

9. to nourish and protect, moisturize

Your wooden cabinets, that is. Harsh conditions in the bathroom can cause wood to dry out and crack. At least twice a year, condition your cabinets instantly with Pledge® Extra Moisturizing Furniture Spray to protect the natural beauty of your wood surfaces.