9 Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Home
9 Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Home

9 Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Home

Keep your home both pet- and human-friendly.

He's man's best friend and she's a comforting purr machine. They're both treasured members of the family, but they can wreak havoc on you and your home. Here are some quick and easy ways you can make your home friendlier for both of you.

1. Avoid allergens

Tiny flakes of skin known as pet dander can irritate nasal passages, cause sneezing, itchy eyes and other allergic reactions. To avoid these effects, brush your pet daily (outside when possible) and keep up with bathing and grooming. To de-dander your home, dust-bust it with Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray.

2. Train with treats

Praise good behavior with a treat and distract your pet from less desirable behavior. Most pets are food focused, so keep small treats or kibble on hand in a small Ziploc® brand container, so you’re ready with praise and a reward.

3. Sweat the small stuff

Cords, game pieces, candy, coins, and pills...oh my! Check small spaces and crevices where your vacuum cleaner can’t reach—but your pets can—and be sure to remove dangerous items (many common household medications can harm or kill pets).

4. Put a lid on it

For some reason, your toilet looks like a thirst-quenching punch bowl to many cats and dogs. Unfortunately, some chemicals in cleaning products can make your pet ill. Be sure to keep the lid down or add a toilet lid lock and keep the bathroom door closed. Same goes for the garbage.

5. Watch out for the puddle!

Accidents happen. For small slipups, clean up with paper towels and a multi surface spray. For bigger messes, try a product like Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Squirt & Mop to help restore shine to floors.

6. Cut the chews

Dogs chew to explore their world—anything from your favorite shoes to a corner of furniture. Prevent it by closing closet doors or even putting childproof latches on cabinets. Many dogs don’t like the taste of lemon or bitter apple—try spraying pet-friendly products in these flavors on tempting items.

7. Scratch that

Cats scratch to exercise the muscles and tendons in their paws and to claim their territory. Provide an alternative to your sofa and place scratching posts where they eat and sleep. Another tip: Clip their nails! Start early, when your cat is a kitten, and reward her with treats.

8. Sweep it up

Even if you manage to keep pets from your upholstered furniture, the hair they shed can still end up there. Pro tip? Use the tools you already have to get rid of unsightly hair. You can use a shower squeegee to easily sweep pet hair up from soft surfaces such as sofas and rugs.

9. Detox + deter

Toxic chemicals can sometimes hide in plain sight. To be safe, double check to see if any of your houseplants are toxic to pets, and be sure to keep them out of your yard for 24 hours after using pest control or fertilizer. Don’t forget the garage—clean up antifreeze and any other spills.