Deep Clean The Fridge (The Easy Way)
Deep Clean The Fridge (The Easy Way)

Deep Clean The Fridge (The Easy Way)

Cleaning out your fridge and freezer doesn’t have to be so tough.

Messy spills, sticky leftovers, wilting produce…your fridge and freezer put up with a lot. Give them a nice, deep cleaning once a season with this organized (and easy) plan:

Start With The Fridge

  1. Turn the control dial to "0." But do NOT unplug the fridge (unless you are defrosting). You’ll need the light to get into the nitty gritty spots.

  2. Ditch old food. And set up a cooler to hold good food while you clean. An overcrowded fridge cuts down on the flow of air, making your fridge work harder—and raising your electric bill.

  3. Remove shelves and place in the sink, scrubbing with soap and water. Then set out to dry.

  4. Clean the inside of fridge using mild soap and water and wipe down with a cloth or paper towel.

  5. Remove vegetable and meat drawers. Clean up all spilled juices and thoroughly rinse.

  6. Clean grime out of corners and the rubber gasket with a toothpick.

  7. Clean door compartments and reinstall.

  8. Clean any spills from the outside of bottles and jars.

  9. Wipe the top of the fridge with a feather duster and clean the exterior door and sides. Use an old toothbrush to clean the hinges and nameplate.

  10. Move the fridge out from wall, vacuum dust, lint and pet hair from the floor and around coils. Cleaning the coils underneath your fridge will help it to run more efficiently.

  11. Sanitize your drip pan with Scrubbing Bubbles® All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Power with fantastik®. The drip pan at the base of your fridge is designed to catch spills, so it can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria.

  12. Put the fridge back into placeand keep it clean! A box of baking soda left open on a shelf will help absorb odors.

Tackle The Freezer

  1. Unplug the freezer and defrost (if you have tremendous ice buildup, you might consider unplugging overnight).

  2. Leave the freezer door open after removing everything (store good food in a cooler while cleaning).

  3. Catch dripping water or chunks of ice by placing a baking pan on the kitchen floor just outside the freezer.

  4. Wipe the freezer down with a wet cloth after 10 minutes using only water (no soap here).

  5. Dump ice trays and rinse with soap and water.

  6. Clean the ice maker. Be sure to turn off the water while cleaning.

  7. Ditch food that’s out of date.

  8. Wet-dust the exterior (top, door and sides) with Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray or wipe down with Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner.

Cleaning A Freezer That Doesn’t Self Defrost

Unplug the freezer and leave the door open until all of the ice melts (this might take a couple of hours) or, take a pan of hot water and place it inside a closed freezer for five minutes. Catch any ice or dripping water in a baking pan placed on old towels at the base of the fridge.

Once the ice has melted, wipe down the freezer with a wet towel. Then, close the door and turn the freezer on for about 15 minutes before replacing any food items.