Fall Home Maintenance Checklist
Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Safe + Sound: Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Prevent potential household disasters by staying on top of these important, yet often overlooked tasks.

The best way to protect your home, likely your biggest investment, is through preventative maintenance. What may be only a small problem now could develop into a disaster down the road. And the time and cost of preventative care is only a fraction of what you might have to spend if you neglect it. Although you should call a specialist for certain jobs (heating systems should be checked annually by an expert), here’s a list of jobs you can do yourself.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Garden and patio prep

Even though indoor season is approaching, you still need to prep your outdoor spaces!

  • Cover your air conditioning unit

  • Repair and seal driveway

  • Plant flowering spring bulbs

  • Clean and store summer garden tools

  • Drain hoses and shut off outdoor water valves

  • Clean and apply sealer to decks

  • Cover and store outdoor furniture and grills

  • Empty dirt from flowerpots and garden containers

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