The Clean Kitchen Schedule
The Clean Kitchen Schedule

The Clean Kitchen Schedule

With just a little daily attention, you can have an always-clean kitchen.

Keeping your kitchen clean can seem like a full-time job—but with this schedule you’ll always be on track. Simply follow this breakdown that divides chores into quick things to do daily, once a week, and monthly. Print it out and hang it on your fridge so no one in the house can plead ignorance! (To reuse the list every year, simply use magnets to mark off each task, or laminate the printout and mark completed tasks with a dry erase marker.)

Daily do's

Do the dishes

do the dishes

Whether you do them by hand or have a dishwasher, don’t let them pile up, and soak stubborn stains in water plus baking soda to make washing much easier.

Clean the counters

clean the counters

Get into the habit of cleaning kitchen surfaces right after you use them. Use a multi-surface cleaner such as Windex® Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner to clean and shine surfaces.

Wipe the stovetop

wipe the stovetop

After each use, wipe down your stove top to get rid of food residue and sticky film. And clean the oven door face, inside and out.

De-crumb the floor

de-crumb the floor

On most days, a quick sweep is a great idea (you can mop later).

Weekly gottas

Inspect the fridge

inspect the fridge

Take an inventory and throw out any food that is spoiled or expired, and wipe down shelves.

Wipe down cabinets

wipe down cabinets

Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner is great for removing stains and splatters from cabinets.

Clean the microwave

clean the microwave

To make it easier, fill a microwave-safe bowl with 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar. Add a squeeze of lemon juice. Run the microwave for about 5 minutes, and the steam makes wiping off caked-on food splatters a breeze!

Empty the trash

empty the trash

Get in the habit of emptying trash cans and replacing liners at least every week.

Mop the floor

mop the floor

Mop the kitchen floor using Pledge® FloorCare Multi Surface Squirt & Mop. It helps loosen dirt and quickly cut through tough stains and grime on vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, sealed wood and laminate floors. It’s easy to use, too. Just squirt on the floor and mop (no bucket needed!).

Shine stainless steel appliances

shine stainless steel appliances

Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner is great for removing smudges, fingerprints and soil from the outside of your stainless steel appliances. Check out our guide, the do’s and don’ts of cleaning stainless steel.

Monthly musts

Wash garbage cans

wash garbage cans

Hose down your kitchen garbage can at least once a month. Do it in your tub or outdoors. First spray with water, rinse out and dry. Then spray the interior and exterior with Scrubbing Bubbles® All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Power with fantastik® to kill bacteria*. Finally, wipe down with paper towels and let dry completely before putting in a new trash bag.

Purge and clean cabinets

purge and clean cabinets

Still trying to find a use for that rock-hard brown sugar? Empty your cabinets of stale, rancid and unusable foods (including old spices, which lose their potency after 2 to 3 years), and wipe away crumbs with a damp cloth.

Deep clean the oven and stove

deep clean the oven and stove

Clean the inside of your oven regularly with a strong oven cleaner. For sticky messes on the outside of the oven, use a nylon sponge with a scrubby backing dipped in Scrubbing Bubbles® All Purpose Cleaner (Fresh Scent) Heavy Duty with fantastik® for a heavy-duty clean. (Be careful not to drip anything into the vent openings.) Consult the oven owner's manual for complete cleaning instructions.

Freshen the dishwasher

freshen the dishwasher

First, clear the drain. Then place a cup of white vinegar on the upper rack and run a hot water cycle. Then, sprinkle one cup of baking soda across the bottom of the dishwasher and run another hot water cycle. The result? A bright, stain-free interior.

Free up drains

free up drains

Protect your drains by using Drano® Max Build-Up Remover every month. The unique formula, containing natural enzymes and bacteria, prevents clogs from forming in your pipes and keeps drains running smoothly.

Deep clean the fridge and freezer

deep clean the fridge and freezer

Save time by deep-cleaning your fridge and freezer on the same day. The job takes some pre-planning so first check out these tips for cleaning your fridge.

*when used as directed.