This Is How To Unclog Your Toilet
This Is How To Unclog Your Toilet

This Is How To Unclog Your Toilet

Rule No. 1: If it’s stopped up and overflowing, DO NOT FLUSH!

An overflowing toilet is likely the last thing you want to see in your bathroom. But don’t panic. There’s a simple, DIY way to deal with this chore.

1. act fast

If your toilet begins to overflow, immediately remove the lid. Pull the float up and push down on the flapper at the bottom of the tank. This will stop the flush.

2. turn off the flow

Once the flush stops, immediately turn off the flow of water. The metal knob is located behind the toilet, usually low on the wall.

3. balance the water supply

A toilet that’s more than halfway full can lead to a sloshy mess when plunging; while too little water will prohibit the plunger from suctioning strongly around the bowl. Bail out the water until the bowl is about halfway full (if the level is too low, add more water).

4. grab the plunger

Use a molded-cup plunger to generate the strongest suction. Work up and down vigorously, quickly removing the plunger after about 60 seconds. If the water drains, add more water to the bowl until it empties several times.