Top 10 Cleaning Tips From Right@Home® Readers
Top 10 Cleaning Tips From Right@Home® Readers

Top 10 Cleaning Tips From Right@Home® Readers

Tried and true solutions from people like you.

When it comes to cleaning smart, and saving time and money, Right@Home® readers have the best tips.

1. Unexpected guests? Move the mess!

When company is coming UNPLANNED, I grab a laundry basket and run around the house tossing everything in the basket that needs to be put away. I put the laundry basket in the basement. Takes 5 minutes!

- Peggy, Cincinnati, OH

2. Multitask (and get a spa hand treatment)

I keep a great smelling hand soap and lotion kit near my sink, before I begin the dishes I wash my hands and slather them in moisturizer and slip my dish gloves on. The heat from the water makes them baby soft by the time I am done with the dishes!

- Jenny, Edgewater, FL

3. Get twice the scour power

I prefer the sponges with the scouring pad attached but I don't like to use them for long, so to save $$ I cut them in half before I use them. I get twice the number of NEW sponges making them easier to toss before they become a germ petri dish.

- Natasha, Kitsap County, WA

4. Turn cleaning into a game

Write chores on separate pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Each child chooses one chore (dusting, for example) to complete. Then put on your favorite playlist so that everyone has to complete their task in time with the music. This also works well to get younger kids to clean up their toys.

- Angela, Romeoville, IL

5. Don’t leave empty handed

When leaving a room I try to take at least one thing that does not belong there and drop if off where it belongs. All newspapers go in a bag to go to the SPCA. Junk mail, envelopes, etc. go in another for the recycle can. This all keeps the house much tidier with little effort.

- Noreen, Virginia Beach, VA

6. Conserve energy with minimal moves

When you need to do a major cleanup of any room, pick a starting point, then continue either clockwise or counterclockwise around the room until it's done. Saves time and energy!

- Kathy, Grayslake, IL

7. Don’t climb the walls (when cleaning the walls)

I love to freshen my house each spring by washing the walls. But I do not like to climb on a ladder to get there. So I get a new sponge for my mop, then I just mop my walls. The cleaning goes fast and the house smells great.

- Linda, Morley, MI

8. Go scrubless

Save time and effort after cooking by dropping a tablespoon or two of dishwasher powder in pot or pan and adding ½ inch hot water. Allow to soak 10-15 minutes and most grime and grease will wipe right off.

- Willo, Wildersville, TN

9. Call off the sheet search

When folding bed sheets, fold them into a rectangle or square that is small enough to fit inside one of the pillowcases. Tuck the open end of the case under to make a neat package. This way you do not have to search for a matching set.

- Claudia, Newport News, VA

10. Ask for help

Prepare a realistic list. Organize and group chores as to what can be done, when it can be done and who should do this chore. Don't be afraid to accept help from others. Things might get done a little differently than planned but be FLEXIBLE!

- Linda, Spring Hill, FL