Checklist: 33 Easy Ways To Save Money
Checklist: 33 Easy Ways To Save Money

Checklist: 33 Easy Ways To Save Money

Take small steps to big savings.

Save money for the stuff that really matters with these painless saving tips . Print out this checklist as a handy reminder.

Around the house

  1. Change your computer font. When you need to print, you’ll use less ink with Times New Roman, Calibri, or Century Gothic, which happens to use almost 30% less ink than Arial.

  2. Use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps like Skype, FaceTime or Google+ Hangouts to save on long distance. VoIP services offer free or low-cost calls overseas, too.

  3. Don’t buy books, use your library! Many libraries now have online accounts where you can download eBooks, audiobook downloads and more.

  4. Unplug! Computers, cell phone chargers and other electronics use power even when shut down. Just use a power strip that you can turn off in a snap.

  5. Never buy a vase or planter again. Repurpose old glass jars, coffee cans, paint cans and more. Paint and decorate to make one-of-a-kind upcycled planters.

  6. Try not to buy gift wrap. Recycle pristine pieces from last year and try these easy DIY tricks to wrap gifts with items you already have in the house.

  7. Run the dishwasher and clothes dryer at night to avoid peak energy rates.

  8. Reuse rainwater. Catch the runoff from your roof with a rain barrel and use it to water your lawn, plants or garden.

In the laundry room

  1. Wash clothes with cold water to save money on heating water.

  2. Use less, or concentrated, detergent (most people use more than necessary) and cut dryer sheets in half.

  3. Make clothes last longer by line drying them (or turn them inside out and fasten hooks, zippers and velcro pieces before putting them in dryer).

  4. Fight static cling by placing a couple balls of aluminum foil in your dryer, and reuse them.

  5. Add a dry towel to your dryer to speed up drying time.

  6. Dry loads back to back so the dryer doesn’t cool down.

  7. Always clean the lint filter before drying so your dryer operates safely and efficiently.

In the kitchen

  1. Freeze leftover wine, extra soup stock, gravy, and tomato paste in ice cube trays to use later. Pack the frozen cubes in Ziploc® brand bags.

  2. Don’t throw those celery stalks in the garbage! Find out how to regrow food from scraps.

  3. Save space and money by buying concentrated cleaning products and refilling bottles.

  4. Buy blocks of melamine foam, the key ingredient in white cleaning erasers, instead of spending more for the brand name.

  5. Extend the life of your food by keeping onions, garlic and shallots in paper bags with punched holes and keeping bananas separated. If the bananas do get too ripe, freeze them in Ziploc® brand bags to save for banana bread or smoothies.

  6. Cut sponges in half.

  7. Bring your lunch to work! With so many easy and delicious recipes, and Ziploc® brand containers, it’s so easy to save money (and calories!)

  8. Ditch paper napkins and paper towels. Save money and the planet by using cloth napkins and dish towels.

  9. Move flour, sugar and other dry goods to Ziploc® brand containers, keeping them fresher longer, and away from moisture and bugs.


  1. Tons of sites out there help you sell or trade stuff you don’t want anymore for stuff you need.

  2. College students can save big buying (and selling) their textbooks online.

  3. Print coupons for the cleaning products you love at Right@Home’s special offers page.

  4. There are many sites with free printable grocery coupons, and usually all they ask for is your email.

  5. Sign up with your favorite brands, from yogurt and clothing to beauty products and furniture. This way you’ll know when they have deals!

At the pump

  1. Use an app that compares current gas prices in your area to find the lowest price.

  2. Fill your tank when it’s a quarter-full so you’re not forced to go to a high-priced station in a pinch.

  3. Save gas (and stay safe) by keeping your tires properly inflated.

  4. Avoid driving around and wasting gas in big parking lots. Take the first spot you see.