DIY Halloween Treat Bar
DIY Halloween Treat Bar

DIY Halloween Treat Bar

Put old jars to ghoulish good use with this boo-tiful craft.

Create a spook-tacular treat bar for your Halloween party! Simply paint old jars, add faces using the printable designs below (or go freestyle and do it yourself with a black permanent marker), and fill them with your favorite wrapped candy. To avoid a full-on sugar rush, fill some jars with other goodies such as pencils, markers, glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, and glow sticks.


Clean, dry jars with the labels removed

Acrylic or glass paint

Permanent black marker (optional)

Newspaper or cloth to cover your workspace

Wrapped candy or other Halloween goodies

Paper towels

If you’re using our templates to decorate your jars, you’ll also need the materials listed below:

X-Acto® knife

Adhesive paper

Cutting board

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Materials


Step 1

Select a well-ventilated space in which to paint, and cover your work surface with newspapers or an old cloth or sheet.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 1

Step 2

Pour enough paint inside the jar to generously coat the bottom.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 2

Step 3

Then, holding the jar sideways, slowly turn it to spread the paint evenly. Continue to rotate the jar until the sides are completely coated.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 3

Step 4

Pour excess paint back in its container.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 4

Step 5

Clean the lip of the jar (if needed) with a damp paper towel.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 5

Step 6

Let the jar dry upright for at least 24 hours. It may take longer depending upon the thickness of the paint. (If using glass paint, you may need to heat the jar in the oven to set the paint. Just follow the paint container’s instructions.)

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 6

Step 7

Print the witch, skull and ghost and jack 'o lantern designs on adhesive paper and cut them out using an exacto knife and cutting board. Or draw your own jack-o’-lantern, witch, skull or ghost on the jar using a black permanent marker—just be sure to let the jar dry completely before use to avoid smearing.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 7

Step 8

Affix the adhesive face on your painted jar.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 8

Step 9

Fill the finished jar with your favorite wrapped candy or Halloween treats.

DIY Halloween Treat Bar Step 9