12 Easy Ways To Save Money Over The Holidays
12 Easy Ways To Save Money Over The Holidays

12 Easy Ways To Save Money Over The Holidays

Spend less and celebrate more with these fun ideas for crafts, gifts, decor and more.

Everyone knows it’s not money but meaning that makes the holiday season memorable, so make this your best holiday season ever by focusing on what really matters.


Who said holiday parties should be fancy? The most relaxed get togethers are often the most fun.

  1. Turkey taco bar

    Put that leftover turkey to good use by hosting a casual post-Thanksgiving taco bar. Cut up turkey, veggies, and salad and serve with warm tortillas, shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream. If tacos aren’t your thing, serve turkey chili cornbread pie instead.

  2. Soup swap

    Invite everyone to bring his or her best freezer-friendly soup (or chili!) to exchange, portioned into Ziploc® brand containers. Everyone ends up with new recipes and ready-made meals for later.

  3. Take care of business

    Get friends together and get stuff done! Provide afternoon brunch or evening appetizers and drinks while everyone bakes cookies or wraps gifts together.

  4. Get crafting

    Invite friends over to get busy—crafting. These DIY chalkboard wine glasses are super easy to make and everyone can take a set home. Cheers! Or create some holiday magic by making these inexpensive DIY swirl paint glass ornaments or DIY mason jar holiday scenes.


Creating a festive feel is easy (and fun!) with these ideas.

  1. DIY decor

    Make your holiday more meaningful with holiday decorations you’ve made yourself or with friends and family. Try the holiday crafts above, or go old school with these spicy citrus pomanders and hand-cut paper snowflakes.

  2. Go natural

    Bring some of winter’s beauty indoors by displaying pine cones, acorns and branches in a decorative dish, bowl or tray. For added sparkle, paint some elements with glitter or mix with holiday ornaments as shown in the image above.

  3. Get focused

    Don’t worry about decorating every room. Instead, channel your efforts on three focal points—your front door, stairway or entryway; your dining or kitchen table; and your fireplace or holiday tree.


Give more, spend less.

  1. Make it personal—and fun!

    Personalize your gift wrap by having your kids decorate butcher paper with drawings or stenciling your own holiday design. Or make the act of giving a fun event by hiding presents and sending your kids on a scavenger hunt. The anticipation becomes half the fun!

  2. Share simple (scrumptious) snacks

    Gift your favorite cookie, scone or muffin recipe by layering the dry ingredients in a jar and attaching the recipe with ribbon. Or bake homemade treats and present in a holiday container or tin.

  3. Express yourself

    Say more with homemade greeting cards, postcards or gift tags. With a message that shows loved ones how much you care, your card may end up being the best gift they get.

  4. Give back

    Instead of going out to dinner with family or friends (which can add up quickly!) plan a group outing to give to those less fortunate. Check for local nonprofit volunteer opportunities.

  5. Use cash

    When you’re buying gifts, pay with cash instead of credit cards. You’ll be more aware of how much money is escaping your wallet and naturally spend less in the process. Not surprisingly, studies show people spend roughly 18% more when using charge cards than when paying in cash.