12 Low-Cost-Home Decor Ideas
12 Low-Cost-Home Decor Ideas

12 Low-Cost Home Decor Ideas

Quick tips for transforming a tired room’s look.

Are you ready for a change but don’t have the time or money to remodel? Time to get thrifty! Create a fresh look in less time than you think with these 12 tips:

1. Rearrange

Sometimes all it takes to give a room a fresh look is a quick shuffle of your current furniture and accessories. Try moving things from one room to another or mixing and matching old things with new.

2. Repurpose

A child’s tin bucket makes a delightful holder for rolled-up towels in a bathroom. And a small table lamp on your kitchen counter will quickly create a warm, homey mood.

3. Kick up the contrast

Instead of towels that match your bathroom walls, go for a contrast. Try rich chocolate brown towels if you have pale lilac or pink walls. Or play up vivid lime green walls with equally bold turquoise towels.

4. Go green

Plants thrive in a bathroom’s humid atmosphere and can quickly create a fresh look. If you don’t have a green thumb, try adding a vase of fragrant cut flowers, like tea roses or freesia.

5. Frame it

Change out frames on photos and paintings, or rotate artwork between rooms. Do you have a large mirror over your bathroom vanity? Frame that too! Paint it a contrasting color for a renewed look.

6. Accessorize

Switch out the hardware on your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Glass, wood or ceramic can add a country charm, while brushed-metal knobs and hinges can give even basic cabinets a modern look.

7. See a new light

It’s amazing what a new lamp or light fixture can do for a room. You can even just switch out your light bulbs, from harsh white to soft pink, or add a dimmer.

8. Decorate the shades

Use a hot glue gun to add cord, ribbon trim or gems/crystals to a simple shade for a custom look—it’s a great way to make mismatched lamps look like a pair.

9. Outline with white

Painting a crisp white trim and white doors can brighten up a room and create great graphic interest.

10. Add an accent wall

While a dramatic color painted throughout a room might overpower it, an accent wall can add warmth and excitement. If your room is already painted a color, consider using a deeper shade of the same color on just one wall.

11. Look up

Consider painting a ceiling a soft blue or a lighter shade of the color of the wall. You could also whitewash or ebonize wood floors instead of refinishing them.

12. Flaunt the “flaws”

Awkward angles or sloping ceilings? Instead of trying to disguise them, play them up. Paint stripes in a contrasting or coordinating color to turn a potential eyesore into a focal point.