9 Reasons To Love Succulents
9 Reasons To Love Succulents

9 Reasons To Love Succulents

Low maintenance, attractive, and a plant you can take home to your mom? What’s not to love?

If you’re thinking about adding some much-needed greenery to your space, but don’t have much of a green thumb, cacti and other succulents are a great option. Here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider these “fat plants” for your home or office:

1. They’re Beautiful

Cacti and other succulents have a natural architectural grace all their own. You can stare at them for hours and never tire of the endless (even humorous) varieties of shapes, curves, and textures.

2. They’re Low-Maintenance

They seldom require pruning and always look tidy. They grow so slowly that a planter can look terrific for several years without much work.

3. They Regrow From Their Own Cuttings

Whenever guests come over, get the scissors out and send them off with a new plant!

4. They’re Evergreen

Many succulents—Echeveria, in particular—develop their most intense foliage colors during winter months, when other plants are dormant or just look drab.

5. They’re Take-Home Plants

In spring and summer you can buy full-grown plants at the nursery, and your garden's done! Make sure you take any pots you plan to use with you when you go to purchase plants.

6. They’re Full Of Surprises

Though they can seem "charmingly changeless," don't be fooled by their laid-back demeanor. Come a moment in spring, some will suddenly burst into bloom, like orchid cactus.

7. They Seldom Get Lonely

They need as much water as other plants, but you can love and leave them, and return after vacation to find them looking only a little worse for the wear.

8. They Promote Good Health

Some, like aloe vera, have therapeutic properties in their juices. Snip an aloe vera leaf for its healing juices whenever you want to soothe a cut finger or dry skin.

9. They Love You Back

Bring them indoors in winter, and situate them properly in sunlight, and they will reward you with sturdy vines by spring.