Getting The Most From Your Window Treatments
Getting The Most From Your Window Treatments

Beauty With A Bonus: Getting The Most From Your Window Treatments

Curtains and drapes and blinds, oh my!

Window treatments can be an overwhelming part of the decorating process. With so many different styles to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your home? Take a moment and decide a few things about each room you’ll be buying treatments for. Then keep these simple tips in mind, and you’ll be ready to start decorating in no time.

The first step in choosing window treatments is deciding what they need to accomplish for the room. Blinds, shades and draperies all serve slightly different functions, so ask yourself, “What does this room need?” Privacy? Light control? Style? Or all of the above?

1. Curtains and Draperies

Because curtains and draperies come in such a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabrics, they’re the go-to window treatment when you want to add a bit of style to a room, or set a certain mood. Lighter colors and fabrics allow for more natural light, while darker colors and thicker fabrics, like blackout curtains, ensure complete darkness. This can come in handy when you’ve got a sleeping baby, or just sleepy adults.

2. Semi-Sheer

These window treatments are perfect for rooms that don’t really need a lot of privacy, like living rooms and family rooms, but they still provide the style and light control that curtains and draperies do. Semi-sheer fabric provides enough color and warmth, while still allowing plenty of natural light to flow through.

3. Wooden Blinds and Shutters

If total privacy and light control are what you’re looking for, then wooden blinds or shutters just might be the answer. The sun coming through natural wood blinds creates a candlelit glow, while solid-paneled shutters ensure no light, or eye, gets in. Great for bedrooms and guestrooms.

4. Cellular/honeycomb Shades

These shades are another option for privacy and light control. They roll down from the top to let the sun in, while providing privacy at the bottom. These are great for second-story and master bathrooms.

5. Sunshades

These treatments are the answer to when you have too much sun, but want to see outside. They’re made of dense but see-through mesh that block out harsh light without sacrificing the view.

6. Roman Shades

These shades are great for blocking out the sun. Unlike traditional blinds though, they lay flat and smooth when closed. Their understated look can bring in color and warmth without looking too frilly.

Getting The Most From Your Window Treatments