DIY Glittery Window Clings
DIY Glittery Window Clings

DIY Glittery Window Clings

Puffy fabric paint + glitter + a Ziploc® brand bag = window clings!

Window clings aren’t just for the winter holidays. Any season can be celebrated with this fun craft, and it’s super easy for kids. Fall leaves, spring flowers, patriotic stars...if you can trace it (or draw it freehand), it can be a window cling. They stick to windows, mirrors, and other surfaces, but they’re easy to remove too!


“Puffy” fabric paint “pens” in various colors
Ziploc® brand bag
Design to trace (optional)


Step 1

Lay the Ziploc® brand bag down and place whatever design you would like to trace inside the bag (coloring books are good for this). Or just draw freehand!

DIY Glittery Window Clings Step 1

Step 2

Draw with the fabric paint. The thicker the lines, the easier it will be to peel off later. Sprinkle with glitter.

Step 3

Keep the bag in a safe place to dry overnight (8-12 hours). Make sure it lies flat or the paint may drip.

Step 4

When the paint has completely dried, carefully peel the design off the bag.

DIY Glittery Window Clings Step 4
DIY Glittery Window Clings Holiday

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