DIY Holiday Craft: Spicy Citrus Pomanders
DIY Holiday Craft: Spicy Citrus Pomanders

DIY Holiday Craft: Spicy Citrus Pomanders

Fill your home with the natural sweet and spicy scent of these inexpensive holiday pomanders.

Decorate your mantel, hang from your holiday tree, freshen up your drawer, or add oomph to a decorative bowl filled with ornaments. These sweet and spicy pomanders also make a great gift!


Navel or thin-skinned oranges

Narrow ribbon, in yard strips

Straight pins


Leather punch or jumbo paper clips



Step 1

Set an orange on the middle of a strip of ribbon one yard long.

Step 2

Pull up the ends, vertically crossing them at the top, and then back down so as to make quadrants. You can help secure the ribbon with straight pins as needed, but don't push them completely in.

Step 3

Tie a knot and then tie a bow with loops to desired size.

Step 4

Trim excess ribbon with a diagonal cut.

Step 5

With a leather punch (or paper clip—better for children), poke holes about ⅛ inch apart at the ribbon's sides. (This is to help avoid breaking the clove flower when pushing the clove into the orange.)

Step 6

Insert the cloves into one line of freshly poked holes immediately because the holes will quickly start to close up.

Step 7

Carefully holding the orange (so as not to break off the clove flowers), repeat steps 5 and 6 along the subsequent remaining ribbon edges.

Step 8

Now remove the ribbon support pins.

To hang from a tree or mantel, take a large paperclip and open the smaller loop from the larger loop and flatten. Then hook the smaller hoop under and around the bow knot and hang with the large loop as desired.

To give as a gift, set the pomander in a decorative wooden or metal box with colored tissue or excelsior (wooden hairlike shavings sold at garden or art supplies stores).