Simple Changes For A Peaceful Home
Simple Changes For A Peaceful Home

Simple Changes For A Peaceful Home

Create good energy in your home with these feng shui-inspired ideas.

Decorating is about more than furniture and paint colors. Here are some low- or no-cost feng shui-inspired ideas to create a more sensual, peaceful and nurturing home full of good energy.

1. A beautiful entrance

Go beyond the welcome mat and display something beautiful on or near your front door. It could be a wreath, a fountain, a statue, ornaments, wind chimes, or a beautiful vintage door knocker.

2. Let energy flow

A basic principle of feng shui is to let the chi (energy) flow into your home, so remove any clutter, crowding and obstacles in your entryway, and behind your door, too.

3. Go beyond the front door

If you regularly enter your home through a side or back door, don’t neglect that area. Give it a beauty treatment by planting lush plants or flowers nearby.

4. Ensure good dreams

Invest in luxurious sheets and make your bedroom clean and dust-free. Reconsider the artwork you hang. Hang above your bed what you most want to dream about. For instance, if you want more romance in your life, hang a romantic picture. Happy images create happy dreams.

5. Make memories last

If you took a trip that changed your life (or was just a lot of fun), you don’t want to forget it. Of course you can bring back souvenirs and frame photos, but another way to make the good energy of your vacation last is to find a Glade® scent that reminds you of your trip.

6. Indulge your senses

The scent of lavender helps release energies from the past and creates a welcoming embrace for guests. Create an indoor garden of lavender with homemade soaps, sachets, and dried lavender bundles.

7. Mind your hearth and heart

When you use your fireplace, sprinkle a few drops of essential oil (cinnamon, orange, rose, lemon, or rosemary) on logs before burning. If a fireplace is at the center of your home, some feng shui masters say adding a still water element to the room, such as a bowl with floating candles or water plants, helps stabilize finances and eases tension between family members!