Easy DIY Bubble Paint
Easy DIY Bubble Paint

Easy DIY Bubble Paint

A colorful, low-cost art project that’s a blast for kids!

Anyone can let out their inner artist! All that’s needed is Ziploc® brand containers, straws, dish soap, and paint! Here’s how.


Ziploc® brand containers

Drinking straws

Dish soap

Tempera paint


Step 1

Mix up different colors of tempera paint, plus a little water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid, in Ziploc® brand containers.

Step 2

Blow into the container with a straw to create oodles of bubbles that reach the very top.

Step 3

Now place a piece of paper over the containers to make a print. Repeat with the other colors for a unique, layered effect.

Easy DIY Bubble Paint

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