7 Indoor And Outdoor Plants For Chocolate Lovers
7 Indoor And Outdoor Plants For Chocolate Lovers

7 Indoor + Outdoor Plants For Chocolate Lovers

If you love chocolate, these plants are for you!

These seven plants will subtly emit the sweet scent of chocolate (well, two just look like chocolate) in your garden and home throughout the year—but don’t get too excited, only two listed below (5 and 6, to be precise) can be used in cooking.

Chocolate-scented indoor plants

  1. Chocolate-scented geranium, pelargonium

    Most scented "geraniums" are actually pelargoniums. More than one variety has leaves that some say possess a chocolate scent. Pelargoniums are mostly houseplants, but you can also treat them as annuals in your garden. Put them in soil that drains well in a place where they'll be shaded from the hot afternoon sun. Water only when soil is dry.

  2. Chocolate-scented orchid, oncidium sharry baby

    The many delicate-looking flowers of this tall, gorgeous orchid are cherry red with white-tipped lips and emit a delightful scent. Unlike some orchids, it's not too picky about its growing conditions. Just make sure it receives a good amount of humidity and bright, indirect light. The soil should be dry before you water. It grows tall, so make sure your pot is heavy and stable!

Chocolate-scented outdoor plants

  1. Chocolate daisy, berlandiera lyrata

    These daisy-like blooms—with their yellow petals and maroon and orange center—can be a cheery addition to your chocolate garden. The plant blooms at night and emits a chocolate scent in the morning. Depending on wind direction, you might catch the fragrance up to 30 feet away! The plant is drought tolerant and can be planted in sun or partial shade.

  2. Chocolate cosmos, cosmos atrosanguineus

    If dark chocolate is your weakness, plant some Cosmos. You’ll notice the fragrance of these gorgeous dark burgundy flowers in the late afternoon, so dedicated chocoholics might pair them with Chocolate Daisies, which emit their scent in the morning. Chocolate Cosmos need well-drained soil and full sun; the heat of midsummer really gets them going.

  3. Chocolate mint, mentha piperita cv

    Got a craving for a peppermint patty? The taste of these edible leaves will remind you of one. Try some in coffee or hot chocolate. Or dry the leaves and mix them into your favorite brownie batter. If you plant some, keep in mind it can grow and spread aggressively, so place it in a large container, where it will get at least a half day of sun in your chocolate-themed garden.

Chocolate-looking plants

  1. Viola "velour frosted chocolate," viola x williamsii

    This beauty won't tease your nose with a chocolate scent, but it will charm you with its lovely dark, chocolatey color. It blooms profusely throughout the spring and early summer, and its flowers are edible! Use the blooms to decorate cakes or cupcakes. It's easy to grow in full or partial sun.

  2. Pincushion flower, scabiosa "ace of spades"

    Here's another dark flower whose ruffled flowers (with up to 3-foot stems) will really spice up the look of your garden. A lover of the sun, it also needs good drainage. The dark burgundy flowers have a slight scent (and it's not chocolate), but its look is lush and definitely resembles the ace on a playing card.

And...cocoa mulch?

That's right, you can mulch your plants with environmentally friendly cocoa mulch that gives your garden a delicate chocolate scent. However, this mulch, made from cocoa bean shells, is not for consumption by humans or pets.