13 Unexpected, Upcycled Organizers
13 Unexpected, Upcycled Organizers

13 Unexpected, Upcycled Organizers

Get organized and declutter with this fresh take on everyday stuff.

Getting organized doesn’t require buying more stuff. The best way to clear your clutter is to upcycle everyday items around your house.

1. Put some rings on it

Use a wooden hanger and some shower curtain rings to fashion a space-saving and attractive scarf organizer. Your scarves will be easy to find and wrinkle free. So the rings don’t slide too much, tie a piece of string tightly around both the hanger and shower ring. (If you have enough scarves on the hanger, this may not be necessary.)

2. Mirror maximizer

Use a magnetic strip on the inside of your bathroom vanity mirror to secure bobby pins, hair clips, nail clippers, and other easy-to-lose items that are taking up space (and hard to find in a drawer or basket).

Bathroom mirror magnet strip

3. Tangle tamer

Use a hair clip or a binder clip to store your earbuds (or phone charger and cord) neatly in your purse or backpack, and say goodbye to tangly messes!

Earbud organizer

4. “Rodical” reorganization

Use an adjustable tension rod under your sink to save space and organize your cleaning supplies.

Under sink tension rod

5. The organized artist

Those large plastic makeup organizers are a great way for the junior Picassos in your household to organize their art supplies. Damp paintbrushes stay neat in dividers meant for lipsticks, and the other compartments keep pastels, chalk and watercolor sets nice and neat.

6. Stop fishing, start finding

Foldout fishing tackle boxes make great jewelry boxes or storage boxes for craft projects. Art students and makeup artists have relied on them for years for easy portability and organization.

Tackle box jewelry box

7. Plastic bag condenser

Use an empty tissue box to contain your unsightly and ever-multiplying plastic grocery bags, and keep it handy in your car, under the baby stroller, or by your door.

Tissue box bag holder

8. Junk drawer organizer

Empty egg cartons are perfect for storing all the stuff that overflows your junk drawer—paper clips, stamps, staples, rubber bands, etc. They also work great for storing golf balls.

Egg carton organizer

9. From fruit…to socks

Tiered hanging wire baskets (intended for storing fruits and vegetables) can also be used in your kids’ rooms to organize toys or stuffed animals—or hang them in the closet to organize socks, belts and underwear.

10. Vintage vinyl

Old record album sleeves are perfect for storing large photos, certificates, or your children’s artwork—any items you want to keep flat and safe but not display. For extra protection, slip the documents between two sheets of archival quality acid-free paper first.

11. Pantry pockets

Hanging shoe bags make great organizers for your kitchen. Hang one inside your pantry door for all those small kitchen items—from corkscrews and tea strainers to corn-on-the-cob holders, measuring spoons and cake decorating tools.

12. From candy to dandy

Little metal candy tins make terrific mini emergency sewing kits. Fill one with needles, spare buttons, hooks-and-eyes, and a few yards of white and black thread wrapped around a small piece of cardboard. Toss it in your purse or keep one at your office.

Candy tin sewing kit

13. Pin pen

The plastic containers for mints can be reused to store straight pins. Just be sure to store the pins point-side down.

Mint container pin holder