5 Smart Steps To Declutter Your Kitchen
5 Smart Steps To Declutter Your Kitchen

5 Smart Steps To Declutter Your Kitchen

Quick and inexpensive tips for creating an organized space.

1. Move or donate appliances you don’t use every week

Do you really use that huge mixer that's taking up space on your counter? When was the last time you made popcorn in the popper? If you don't use a bulky appliance at least once a week, donate it or keep it out of sight (in a cupboard or pantry).

2. Create a uniform look

Matching containers can give shelves an organized look. Store items like pasta, flour, sugar, and cereal in Ziploc® brand containers with seal-tight lids. They’ll keep dry foods and liquids (like oils) organized and fresh. Bonus: Use them in the fridge or freezer to store juices and leftover soups.

Organizing with Ziploc® brand containers

3. Make a recipe binder

Do you have tons of recipe cards and recipes you’ve printed from the Internet? Make this DIY recipe binder using Ziploc® brand bags. Your recipe collection will be easier to flip through, and the plastic will protect them from splashes and food.

DIY recipe binder

4. Don’t stockpile in the pantry

Storing extra cans of food and jugs of water for emergencies is a great idea, but they don't need to take up valuable real estate your kitchen. Designate an "emergency closet" or stash them in the basement or attic so you can grab them when you need them.

5. Designate a junk drawer

Everyone tends to gather in your kitchen, and so does their stuff. Keep countertops clear by designating one “catch-all” drawer and organize it with Ziploc® brand bags. They’re perfect for scooping up batteries, pens, pencils, stamps, cell phone chargers, and more. Plus, the see-through plastic allows you to quickly find what you need.

Cluttered junk drawer
Organized junk drawer