7 Simple Steps To Prep Your Home For The Holidays
7 Simple Steps To Prep Your Home For The Holidays

7 Simple Steps To Prep Your Home For The Holidays

Helpful hints for a stress free season.

With all you have to do before the holidays arrive, it's easy to leave things to the last minute. But why not get an early start on your holiday list this year? With a little planning and only an hour or two each week, your holiday can come off without a hitch.

1. Food shopping

Stock your kitchen with pantry and baking basics. You’ll be doing a lot of cooking and baking so make sure you have plenty of the essentials: Baking powder, baking soda, salt, pepper, vanilla extract, sugars, flours, chicken stocks, olive oil, vinegar, etc.

2. Stock up on drinks

Whether it’s a hot toddy or a classic cup of creamy eggnog, there’s nothing like some holiday spirits to get you in the holiday spirit. Stock up on bar basics like brandy and cognac, hot cocoa for the kids and any other family favorites.

3. Crafty containers

‘Tis the season for leftovers—so be sure to stay fully stocked on Ziploc® brand containers . Keep an eye out for the holiday colored-containers and themed bags—they’re perfect for cookie exchanges and handmade gifts. Pro Tip: package the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie in a Ziploc® brand container along with cooking instructions and gift to friends and family.

4. Polish the silver

Apply a good liquid, cream or paste polish with a 100 percent cotton cloth, and follow your previous polishing pattern. (It's usually circular or lengthwise.) Rinse under warm water and dry with another soft cotton cloth. (Air-drying can leave corroding water droplets.) Wrap silver in tarnish-inhibiting flannel bags, and store it away from heat and light.

5. Wash and iron table linens

Apply Shout® Set-In Stains Advanced Gel to any stains and then launder. Remove linens from the dryer while they're still damp (this makes ironing much easier). Keep them wrinkle-free until it's time to set the table by folding them once, gently, and rolling them onto a cardboard wrapping-paper tube or by hanging them over a padded hanger.

6. Create a gift wrapping station

Gather all your gift wrapping essentials in one place so you’re never left scrambling last minute. Be sure to include a few pairs of scissors, several rolls of tape and plenty of ribbons and bows. Paper towel holders can double as ribbon dispensers, and tall laundry bins work great for wrangling rolls of wrapping paper.

7. Get ready for guests

Help guests feel at home for the holidays with a special hospitality kit. Fill a Ziploc® brand bag with items your guests may have forgotten, or overlooked. Some ideas include mouthwash, hand sanitizer, facial cleansing wipes, a mini lint roller and maybe even a snack.