7 Steps To A More Organized Purse
7 Steps To A More Organized Purse

7 Steps To A More Organized Purse

If you're always saying “I know it’s in here somewhere,” keep reading.

If your purse has worn a groove in your shoulder, and it’s so full that it takes you forever to find your car keys, it’s time for a handbag overhaul. Here are seven tips for keeping your purse clean, organized, and equipped with the essentials.

1. Dump it

Yep, you read that correctly. Start by turning your bag upside down and emptying its contents. Then, throw all the garbage and scraps of paper you don’t need in the trash. Feels good doesn’t it? Next, sort your items into two piles: necessary and unnecessary. For the unnecessary pile...

2. Don’t carry what you don’t need

Are you really going to have time to read that heavy book you’ve been lugging around? Be realistic about what you actually need during your day; leave the rest in your car or substitute lighter, more compact versions. For instance, carry a travel hairbrush or comb instead of your full-size brush.

3. Divide and conquer

Ziploc® brand bags are perfect for dividing and organizing the interior of your purse. Put makeup items in one bag and travel toiletries like floss, gum and lip balm in another. They’re also great for on-the-go snacks like a handful of nuts, or dried fruit slices.

4. Choose the right design

Maybe it’s time for a brand new bag. Look for a style that features dedicated pockets for quick access to your cell phone, keys, and smaller items like lip balm. But avoid too many compartments or you’ll risk storing too much. Lighter color linings can also help you locate items faster and easier.

5. Charge up

Instead of lugging around your bulky cell phone charger, invest in a portable charger stick. It takes up about as much space as a tube of lipstick, and is a total (battery) lifesaver.

6. Be prepared

Carry a small “emergency” kit. And think beyond first aid. An adhesive bandage or two is a good idea, but so is a stain remover stick, breath mint, bobby pins, etc. It’s also smart to keep 1 or 2 empty Ziploc® brand bags for when you need a quick storage solution.

7. Make the switch

If you like to switch up your bags fairly often, consider purchasing a removable purse caddy. Or even simpler, stock up a neutral mini bag that contains only the “essential essentials.” That way you can easily transport everything you need from bag to bag without forgetting something or wasting precious morning minutes.

10 purse must-haves

Here are a few items you may want to consider including in your handbag must-haves:

1. A small bottle of water

2. Travel pack of tissues

3. Lip balm

4. Gum or mints

5. Antibacterial wipes (good for disinfecting shopping cart handles and other surfaces)

6. A small pair of fingernail clippers (doubles as a scissors for clipping stray threads or removing plastic clothing tags)

7. A granola bar or 100-calorie snack (try making your own using Ziploc® brand bags)

8. Sunglasses

9. Travel case of pain relievers or other medicines needed during the day

10. Comb or brush and hair ties/bobby pins (if needed)