8 Easy Cleaning + Organizing Hacks
8 Easy Cleaning + Organizing Hacks

8 Easy Cleaning + Organizing Hacks

Save time and money with these super-smart tips. And enjoy a more organized kitchen, closet and car today!

Let’s face it, there’s never enough time to do it all and even less time to spend cleaning and organizing! Take back some time while keeping your home in order with these simple cleaning and organizing “hacks” (also known as shortcuts or clever solutions).

1. Store smart

Large, flat kitchen tools like cookie sheets and cutting boards can be difficult to store and keep organized. Keep them in order and easily accessible by storing them vertically in a desk file holder.

2. Spray bottle space

In most homes, the cabinets under the kitchen sink are awkward spaces, which are hard to utilize, much less keep organized. Get the most out of your space by installing a tension rod to hang your spray bottles.

3. Stain-lifting citrus

Don’t spend time scrubbing to remove stains from your wooden or light-colored cutting board. Just rub half a lemon onto the board, let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash to reveal a cutting board that looks brand new.

4. Double up

Struggling to fit everything into your closet? Double your hanging space in a moment, by placing a soda tab around the top of each hanger. Then, you can hang another hanger from the tab.

5. Control car clutter

Cut down on car clutter by giving everything its own place. Try hanging a shoe organizer on the back of your car seats for easily accessible, organized storage. And keep your cup holders from getting dirty and sticky by placing silicone muffin liners inside.

6. Pack like a pro

Traveling with little ones is hard enough! Make your next trip a bit easier by planning and packing ahead. Pack your child’s outfits for each day into individual large Ziploc® brand bags. Then, let them pick which outfit/bag they want to wear each day.

7. Handy hangers

Having trouble finding a place to store your irregular-shaped accessories like purses or scarves? Try using shower curtain hooks to maximize space in your closet.

8. Shutter storage

Keep your desk organized by repurposing an old window shutter to hold and sort mail or important papers. This vintage look is not only functional, but will also act as a nice accent for your office area.