Don't Get Caught Without These 29 Home Supplies

This list of little items makes a big difference—and yes, duct tape is one of them.

1. Kitchen scissors

Stop wrestling with food packaging and dedicate a pair of easy-to-clean scissors for kitchen use only.

2. Food storage bags and containers

Ziploc® brand bags and containers are perfect for leftovers, packed lunches, make-ahead meals and more.

3. Popcorn

Skip the standard butter and season plain popcorn with garlic salt and parmesan cheese, truffle oil, or, for a sweet snack, cocoa powder!

4. Clothespins

Keep bread bags and opened bags of chips or cereal clipped shut. Or use a glue gun to attach the clothespins to the inside of a cabinet door, keeping pot holders and rubber gloves within reach.

5. Ceramic knife

You'll fall in love the first time you use it! They are lightweight, last for years without sharpening and will not corrode in harsh environments, making them superior slicers!

6. Mulling spices

Warm up those cold winter nights by adding mulling spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg, plus (optional) star anise, peppercorn or cardamom) to warm cider.

7. Toothpicks

Helpful in the kitchen and great for applying glue to small items, cleaning small spaces (like grooves in a phone) or wrapping around the end of a roll of clear tape so you can find it again.

8. Glass cutting board

So easy to clean and disinfect, a cutting board made from tempered glass can also be used as a trivet or a serving tray.

9. Multi-surface cleaner

No need to lug around a bucket of different cleaners. Get your whole house clean and smelling great with just one: Windex® Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface.

10. Old toothbrush

Don’t throw that old toothbrush away! Nothing removes dirt from around faucets or sweeps away crumbs from the seal of the fridge better.

11. Shelf liner

This rubberized mesh is non-adhesive and cushions delicate dishes and glasses in your cabinets.

12. Rubber bands

In addition to their regular duties, rubber bands can help open a jar or safely keep stemware secured to the top rack of the dishwasher.

13. Cloth napkins

Whether you use them every day or just when company comes, they’re stylish, economical, and much more environmentally friendly than paper.

14. Step ladder

Safely retrieve hard-to-reach items! Small fold-away versions make storage a snap.

15. Over-the-door shoe rack

It keeps shoes from cluttering the floor but can also organize accessories like belts and scarves or bathroom items like brushes, combs and hairspray.

16. Eyeglass repair kit

It provides replacement screws and a little screwdriver that can fix many things beyond glasses.

17. Flexible plumbing snake

Clogs happen. The Drano® Snake Plus Drain Cleaning Kit is effective, easy to use and much cheaper than a plumber.

18. Sewing kit

A basic sewing kit should include needles, thread, small scissors, buttons, safety pins, a seam ripper and iron-on seam binding.

19. Measuring tape

Essential for gauging the actual dimensions of your online purchases. It's the best way to figure out if something will fit in your home.

20. Breath mint tins

Compact and secure, tins can store small items like vitamins, buttons or safety pins with ease. On the go? Toss them in your purse or suitcase.

21. Home fragrance

Glade® Sprays perk up a your home and your mood with one of many scents available.

22. Electronics cleaner

Safely clean all your electronic equipment with Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner.

23. Permanent markers

Handy for labeling Ziploc® brand bags, CDs, DVDs and much more.

24. Glitter

Add a little sparkle to homemade valentines, scrapbook pages, and rainy- or snowy-day crafts.

25. Extension cord

You never know when you need to run power to something, somewhere far from an outlet.

26. Toolbox

Everyone should have the basics on hand: a hammer, nails, a big and little Phillips-head and flat-head screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, a box cutter and a staple gun.

27. Flashlight

Always keep one or two flashlights with fresh batteries in the house. They'll help during power outages and allow you to peer into the back of closets and under beds, too.

28. Duct tape

Sometimes it seems as if duct tape can repair practically anything.

29. Instant glue

You know the type, super strong and in a little tube? If duct tape can’t fix it, often, these powerful fast-acting adhesives can!